Zooplus expands subscription model

German online pet supply store Zooplus is launching its subscription program in Belgium and the Netherlands. In total, the subscription is now available in 8 markets. In the coming months, the retailer is expanding the model into 20 European markets.

Zooplus is an online store that sells pet supplies, such as pet food and toys. In 2021, it was taken over by two companies. According to the retailer, it has online stores in 30 different European countries. In 2023, it launched a flexible subscription program in Germany and Austria.

Supplies automatically ordered

Now, the subscription program is also available to customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. With the subscription, customers select their favorite pet products from a large selection of items. They can indicate their preferred shipping frequency, after which the product will be automatically and regularly delivered to them.

This is especially useful for products such as pet food or litter, as owners need to order these frequently. The program can be adjusted or paused at any time.

‘The launch marks a milestone in our ambition to become the ultimate destination for pet parents in Europe.’

“The launch of our subscription model in the Netherlands marks a new milestone in delivering on our ambition to become the ultimate destination for pet parents across Europe. By offering the best choice and most convenient service, we aim to elevate our customers’ experience and drive further loyalty”, said Geoffrey Lefebvre, CEO of Zooplus.

In 20 markets

The subscription is now available in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In the coming months, it will be rolled out in 20 European online shops. It is not clear which markets are next on the list.

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