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XRP And XLM Price Correlation Persists, Ripple CTO Explains Why

XRP and Stellar (XLM) are two cryptocurrencies that have been constantly compared in terms of price growth and development. Both digital assets are dedicated to facilitating cross-border transactions

Given their considerable similarities, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ripple, David Schwartz has attempted to uncover the factors contributing to the persistent price correlations between the cryptocurrencies. 

Ripple CTO Explores XRP And XLM Price Trends

Schwartz has recently taken to X (formerly Twitter) to share a chart illustrating a strong correlation in the price movements and patterns between XRP and XLM tokens. In response to an X user who expressed curiosity regarding the similar price trends between the two cryptocurrencies, Schwartz explained the distinct reasons behind XRP and XLM’s unique price movements. 

The Ripple CTO acknowledged that he lacked an accurate explanation for the price correlations between XRP and XLM. However, he provided two major factors that could be influencing the price trends. 

Schwartz revealed that comparable market forces that regulate various cryptocurrencies also control XRP and XLM. He further stated that most investors and crypto enthusiasts often place XRP and XLM within the same category due to the cryptocurrencies’ historical connection.

 As a result, a significant number of people simultaneously engage in buying and selling XRP and XLM causing the cryptocurrencies to have similar price movements. 

Concluding his analysis, Schwartz stated that he believed there were no market manipulations or external “evil forces” making these cryptocurrencies display similar price trends. 

XRP price chart from (XLM Ripple CTO)

Bulls resume control of price | Source: XRPUSD on

Latest Developments For Both Assets

XRP and XLM are one of the major cryptocurrencies that have gained significant attention, often seen as the leading contenders for cross-border payments and mainstream adoption. 

While these two cryptocurrencies tend to display similar price tracks, they have been experiencing vastly different developments in their respective markets and ecosystems. 

XRP recently gained regulatory clarity after successfully gaining a victory in its ongoing legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite speculations suggesting that XLM might be the SEC’s next target due to its striking similarities with XRP, the cryptocurrency has not encountered similar legal issues in the US as Ripple. 

Following XRP’s partial legal success, the price of XRP surged considerably. While XLM followed behind increasing by almost 90% but retraced some of the accumulated gains later. 

In terms of expansion, XRP has achieved multiple milestones and has gained approvals in several regions including Dubai. The cryptocurrency is positioned to gain from Ripple’s potential integration into trillion-dollar markets and industries.

On the other hand, Stellar (XLM) is improving its ecosystem by integrating a new testnet upgrade, Protocol 20. The cryptocurrency is also actively seeking new partnerships with banks to expand its reach and utility.

Featured image from Coinmarketcap, chart from

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