Word of the Day: kinesiology

The word kinesiology has appeared in 12 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on July 6 in “Uncoordinated? You Can Still Be an Athlete” by Jenny Marder:

It might seem simple, but a good night’s sleep, or even a nap before a workout can improve performance, regardless of how klutzy you are. In fact, one small study suggests that lack of sleep is as bad as drinking just beforehand when it comes to coordination. Another found that the less sleep university students got, the less control they had while walking on a treadmill.

Stress, too, is a factor. It makes us distracted, which slows the brain’s information processing speed, said Charles Swanik, an athletic trainer and professor of kinesiology and applied psychology at the University of Delaware.

Under stress, the brain can become too excitable, he said, causing tension in the muscles. When muscles get tense, normally smooth movements are replaced with exaggerated ones. To reduce this, Dr. Swanik said, before physical activity, focus on calming your mind and body, through music, deep breathing or mindfulness.

Can you correctly use the word kinesiology in a sentence?

Based on the definition and example provided, write a sentence using today’s Word of the Day and share it as a comment on this article. It is most important that your sentence makes sense and demonstrates that you understand the word’s definition, but we also encourage you to be creative and have fun.

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