Woman Viral For Reaction During First Day As A Cat Owner (Video) 

A new cat owner is receiving mixed reactions from pet parents online! The woman went viral after sharing how SHOOK her adopted cat had her on day one.

Key, known as @keytells on TikTok, uploaded a video of her emotionally explaining that she thinks she made an adoption mistake. Through tears, she shared that she had been planning to become a cat owner for the last four to five months. Two days ago, she finally pulled up to her local animal shelter and adopted a black adult male cat.

“…and I feel like I might’ve made a mistake, and I feel so bad. I shouldn’t have got no damn cat because I’m so scared! His nails were so sharp and he keeps trying to get in my face. And I wouldn’t mind him getting in my face, except I know that he’s gonna bite me. I’m a victim in my own home,” she said in between deep breaths and tears. 

Peep the cat below. Key uploaded a look at him after sharing her video about re-homing him.


Replying to @Christelle Im so terrified right now!

♬ original sound – Key

Key added that her hand was “stinging” due to the cat “scratching [her] so many times.”  With about 24 seconds left in her video, the cat owner concluded that she needed to “take him back.” To “atone for [her] sins,” Key vowed to volunteer at the shelter and donate.

“I’ve been living by myself. Now, I’m hearing noises, and I’m jumping up scared, and I gotta remember I got this damn cat and I don’t even know where he is right now. And I don’t even wanna look for him ’cause he’s scaring me,” Key cried.

Swipe below to watch Key’s initial video.

TikToker Shares Update After Her ‘Scary’ First Day As A Cat Owner

As of Sunday, her emotional first-day video has pulled over 2.5 million views on TikTok and more than 26,000 comments on The Shade Room’s Instagram feed.

Eventually, Key doubled back with another video update from day one as a cat owner. In another one-minute clip, she explained that both and her cat had “calmed down.”

Key also revealed more details about her new furry friend. The animal shelter had named him Ranger, but she was undecided on whether to change it. The cat is two years old and nearly 17 pounds.

Ultimately, Key decided to give her cat owner title another chance.

“He’s a little bit rambunctious. I think it was giving me a lot of anxiety, but we’re chilling right now. We’re good. I’m gonna give it a week or two. I think I got two weeks to take him back. But he likes me. I can tell that he likes me. I just don’t like the way that he displays that he likes me. That’s it. As soon as I was in the house, he was tripping over me cause he was under my feet. He likes me, I understand that, but I don’t want him to like me like that.” 

Then, as her initial reaction to the cat grew online, Key shared a disclaimer in a new video. The cat owner clarified that she’s not scared of cats and wouldn’t have adopted one if she was. However, her cat’s behavior- purring, cuddling, and biting- became “too much” for her.

See her explanation below.


I’m still thinking of names because “Ranger” definitely not it #cats #firsttimecatowner

♬ original sound – Key

Key still seems to be a cat owner, as promised to her viewers. Over the weekend, she also shared a post-vet update. She paid $22 to get the cat’s nails trimmed at the vet — who also diagnosed the pet with ear mites and identified him as a bobtail.

On Saturday, Key shared a video of her mother meeting her new pet for the first time. Watch below to see how this cat owner went from being scared one day to defending her furry baby with the quickness!


I think she likes him 🤷🏾‍♀️ #cats

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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