Will Google Make A Content Deal With Quora Next?

Google Firehoses Quora

Last week, Google revealed it signed a deal with Reddit to access its content using an API so it can get the content faster and in a structured format. This deal costs Google $60 million annually. There is now speculation that Google might make a similar deal with Quora.

Glenn Gabe posted that Quora’s number of ranked pages has jumped significantly. Glenn wrote, “the number of pages ranking in Google doubled for Reddit since the “hidden gems” piece rolled out.” He wondered then if Google had some sort of access to Reddit’s firehose. So he was curious about Quora.

He wrote:

And since Quora also surged like crazy then rankings-wise, I checked the number of pages ranking in the top 100 based on Semrush data. And yep, that has also surged like crazy. In May of 2023, 6M pages ranked in Google for Quora. As of today, 10.4M pages rank (a 73% increase). So that begs the question… is Quora also providing Google a firehose of urls and content? Eager to learn more about this… if another deal is announced.

Glenn shared this chart showing the number of ranking pages in Google Search for Quora and how it climbed really quickly recently:

Quora Google Ranking Pages

Ori Zilbershtein added, “The thing no one will be able to prove: Google and Reddit execs meet, they make a deal. You get access to our data, but we need to show we are growing and get massive amount of traffic as we plan to go public.”

Of course, this is all speculation but Google needs its hidden gems to shine, right?

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