Why Are Users Wanting Refund For Apple Vision Pro Despite Good Experience

The Apple Vision Pro had already been in the news for its whopping price tag of almost $3,500 but reports were also coming out that unofficial sellers were charging as much as $5,000 outside of the United States.

A Bloomberg report revealed that the limited release of the Vision Pro had created a high demand, especially in Asian markets where the models were going for $5,400 on Japan’s Mercari, $5,000 on China’s Taobao and $6,300 on Singapore’s Lazada.

The reports also claimed that the need to get their hands on these models is not just by regular people but rival developers who would want the models to figure out how to overcome it.

However, now reports are coming out that people are actually returning their models and wanting a refund even after liking the device in general.

What Is Happening?

The first generation of Apple Vision Pro was launched on 2nd February 2024 and has made a lot of news ever since. However, as per recent reports, the mixed-reality gadget owners are using Apple’s 14-day return period that ends on 16th February to return the headsets and get their money back.

User @ParkerOrtolani posted “What a bummer of a day. Can’t believe it, but I’ve returned the Vision Pro. Just too uncomfortable to wear and it’s a strain on my eyes. It’s clearly the future. It works like magic. But the physical tradeoffs are just not worth it for me right now. I’ll be back for the next one, assuming they fix these comfort issues.”

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One Reddit user has commented “Vision Pro is a technological marvel. I really do think the eye tracking is second to none, and the interface is so deeply satisfying to use. Perhaps if there were a larger app ecosystem at launch, I’d have been happier to keep it (e.g. for shorter experiences, like gaming, that I’d use it in shorter bursts for). But for work and entertainment, it just isn’t there yet. I want to lay back on my couch and play my PS5, or sit at my big desktop and work on a crisp 4K monitor. I don’t want to put a machine on my face – at least not yet.”

Some reasons for the spike in the return of the headsets is said to be from influencers who after having made their videos and social media posts about it no longer feel like keeping it.

Another is said to be the dissatisfaction customers have experienced with the gadget such as it being too expensive, inducing headaches after long usage, discomfort, motion sickness and eye strain.

Some users have complained that the product’s heavy weight and the design of the strap has them suffering from headaches even if they use it for just around 10 minutes.

A third reason is the lack of apps that the Vision Pro supports, such as Netflix which had reportedly declined to create a version of their app compatible with the headset.

While people certainly love the experience of the gadget and are in awe of Apple’s extent of creating such a product, its long-term usage is still something of a question mark given recent reviews and it could take Apple a few more tries to get it just right.

The device is said to be suffering from something called “first-gen product fallacies” such as sketchy multitasking, and lack of software compatibility even though Apple had announced around 600 apps for the Vision Pro.

Most of the programs are coming over from the iPadOS, however, there are not any apps that create a more epic immersive experience like other VR software.

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