When Languages Collide, Which Survives?

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New analysis explores how language ideologies and inter-community interactions influence language shifts in multilingual societies. Using a quantitative method and mathematical modeling, the analysis reveals how particular person language preferences and societal dynamics affect the survival, coexistence, or extinction of language varieties. The findings have implications for linguistics, utilized arithmetic, and language preservation insurance policies.

The life or dying of a language typically depends upon particular person preferences and social status.

Researchers from the College of the Balearic Islands have proven by means of a mathematical mannequin how language preferences and societal interactions have an effect on the coexistence and survival of languages in multilingual societies, with important implications for language preservation and policy-making.

Language has the facility to form our perceptions and interactions with the world. Completely different languages can coexist, however their dynamics are formed by the communities that talk them – and the way these communities work together with one another. Shared beliefs, assumptions, and emotions towards particular language varieties typically decide whether or not a selected language will survive or disappear, particularly inside multilinguistic societies.

Analysis Insights on Language Shift

In Chaos, by AIP Publishing, researchers from the College of the Balearic Islands in Spain incorporate language ideologies, together with the influence of interplay between people with opposing preferences, on the language shift course of.

“Our findings result in the conclusion that the extra mixing that happens between completely different social teams, the tougher it turns into for language varieties to coexist throughout the similar society,” stated writer Pablo Rosillo-Rodes. “The dynamics of the system has a delicate dependence on each the preferences of the audio system and the coupling between completely different communities.”

Ideologies Lead to Linguistic Attitudes

Ideologies result in linguistic attitudes expressing favor or disfavor towards a language. A examine on language dynamics in multilingual societies reveals how particular person preferences and group interactions affect the survival or extinction of languages, offering insights for linguistics and language preservation. Credit score: Adrián García (IFISC, UIB-CSIC)

Current work from sociolinguistics confirmed that the social status of a language was thought of the primary issue resulting in its extinction or survival. Insights in language contact from these earlier research, together with sociolinguistic research on language ideologies, have been utilized by the researchers to current a complete image of how language varieties are distributed in societies.

Mathematical Modeling in Linguistics

The crew selected a quantitative method based mostly on a society during which just one language with two varieties, the usual and the vernacular, existed. The ensuing mathematical mannequin can predict the situations that enable for the coexistence of various languages, presenting a complete view of how language varieties are distributed inside societies. Particular person preferences for particular languages play a pivotal position in language dynamics, generally overcoming any social status related to a specific language selection.

Findings on Language Coexistence and Extinction

Beneath sure situations, varied ranges of interplay between individuals with completely different language preferences can result in the extinction of one of many languages. Nevertheless, the occasion might be adopted by the return of the lifeless language and in the end its eventual dominance. By learning finite-size results, the researchers additionally discovered that the length of the coexistence of language varieties will increase exponentially with society dimension.

“This work influences linguistics with quantitative views, contributes to fashions of utilized arithmetic, and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration whereas emphasizing the necessity for extra complete information in computational linguistics,” stated Rosillo-Rodes. “It holds important perception for language planning and public insurance policies geared toward preserving endangered languages.”

Reference: “Modeling language ideologies for the dynamics of languages in touch” by Pablo Rosillo-Rodes, Maxi San Miguel and David Sánchez, 14 November 2023, Chaos.
DOI: 10.1063/5.0166636

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