what’s your company doing for the holidays this year? — Ask a Manager

My company was awesome with the holidays this year!

Earlier in the month, we filled out cute little Secret Santa forms. They were very thorough! Name, favorite color, favorite store, hobbies, favorite candy, gift ideas, and what not to gift.

The CEO had a big party at their house, with a food truck and open bars stationed throughout their property

We had our in-office party the other day, where lunch was catered, we did our gift exchange, and we announced our employee of the year. Nothing but smiles and happiness all around.

We also got bonuses; these were quietly added to our usual paycheck. The CEO actually likes to hand out holiday bonuses BEFORE Christmas. Amazing!

We’re closing the office the Friday before Christmas, but we’re still getting paid for the day!

Typing it out, sounds so surreal compared to the stories I read here. I am lucky, and grateful. I do not want to squander this.

Can’t wait for the holiday festivities for next year already! Here’s to a hopefully amazing 2024!

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