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What Students Are Saying About New Year’s Resolutions

Please note: Student comments have been lightly edited for length.


At first, I used to believe that New Year’s resolutions were a ridiculous idea. I thought, “Why would I wait for the whole year to end to make a change in my life?” I still believe that if I want to make a change or improvement in my life, I should start today; however, I often find myself struggling with motivation, keeping myself disciplined, and being committed to my goals … Therefore, I realized that New Year’s resolutions are a good way to improve for several reasons. First, it became a worldwide “tradition” that almost everyone gets involved in. It is encouraging to be surrounded by people who are also trying to learn from their mistakes, cultivate new habits, and strive for better versions of themselves. Also, setting goals at the beginning of the year gives us the sense that we still have the opportunity to do better and that we have another chance to progress.

Jassica, Fountain Valley High School

As another year goes by, I am left once again to reflect on how I have changed and grown as a person. I have grown tremendously individually over 2023, and my life has become much better as a result. I have also been able to do things I love, and I have improved my time management skills, leaving more time for volunteering and charity work. New Year’s resolutions always give me something to work towards, and always are greatly beneficial in the long run for me. Without these goals, I find it hard to make progress and improve my life for the better.

Megan, North Carolina

Coming from a Chinese family we’ve always celebrated Lunar New Year instead of New Years. On Lunar New Year kids receive red envelopes with cash from their elders. Lunar New Year is celebrated usually in February because it follows a different calendar. I’ve always wanted to try doing New Year’s resolutions, but always forgot. Since the idea of resolutions is so common where I live, it has influenced me to also set goals.

Elina C., Julia R. Masterman

I’ve never engaged in New Year’s resolutions; they seem like unfulfilled pledges, easily forgotten by the next year. While they might be commendable goals for those who excel at pursuing and achieving them, I’ve never been among that group. Generally, I believe resolutions aren’t suited for everyone, like myself, but they could serve as admirable objectives for others to attain.

Kendall, Prep

As far as my personal relationships with New Year’s resolutions go, I almost always accomplish every single one of them without too much difficulty. This is mainly because when I create my resolutions each year, I create them with either what I’m on track to do this year in mind, or the bare minimum. Now while this might not sound like the healthiest relationship to have with your goals, I still find it to work fine, because the new year isn’t the one and only time each year to create goals for yourself: you can do it any day. And with this in mind, I usually change and adjust my goals as the year goes on, but if I’m not able to go above the bare minimum I set for myself, I don’t end up feeling bad about it.

Charles, J.R.Masterman School

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