What is our obsession with this typeface? Ocean Spray rebrand taps a growing trend

US agency Stone Strategy & Design has carried out the biggest overhaul in 20 years for the beverage company Ocean Spray, pulling in a range of design motifs. While the logo has received only a minor update, two new typographic styles have been introduced; the first, a faux printer press typeface, giving the cranberry drink an Old West-style grittiness, and the second, you’d be more likely to find emblazoned across a rebrand for ICA or similar.

This second typeface combines angular edges with soft, rounded counter forms. It’s an increasingly popular font for creative companies, a prime example is Dinamo Maxi, which was used in 2022 by ICA, or Megazoid from David Jonathan Ross (DJR), which was used by Studio Bergini for Museum of London Docklands in 2023. It’s now being used by more corporate voices like Ocean Spray, perhaps for the expressiveness it offers over a standard sans serif.

Concepts like “strength” and “grittiness” play a large part in the new identity, a release explains. Stone Strategy & Design says illustrations, tone of voice, photography and typography (particularly the printer press type) have all been designed to reflect the “maverick” nature of the co-op founders of the company and the family farmers that make up the brand today.

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