What Could AI’s Role Be in the Future of Cybersecurity?

Everyone knows that we live in an increasingly tech-centric world that sees us spending more time online. This is certainly true when it comes to supply chain management in business and the future of cybersecurity, for example.

Modern management of supply chains involves the latest software and tech platforms to track goods in transit or manage stock levels. Digital tech is also very important across not only the whole business sector but also our personal lives. 

One thing everyone who uses the internet needs to be aware of is cybersecurity. This has become a big issue in recent years and many companies and individuals have fallen victim to online crime. With cybercrime predicted to cost us $10.5 trillion annually on a global scale by 2025, the extent of the problem is clear.

Can AI help in the future of cybersecurity? 

Cybersecurity is the fight against online crime and the way in which we defend ourselves against internet hackers. Staying on top of the latest cybersecurity tips and stories at sites like https://cyberwire.pl is one way to bolster your defenses. 

Another method that many in the online security industry are starting to make use of is artificial intelligence. The impact of AI in the near future is likely to expand and become a key tool in many sectors. This could certainly be true in cybersecurity, where high-level computer intelligence AI programs could help tackle online crime.

But what exactly might this look like for AI and cybercrime prevention? 

Even more use within pattern matching and threat detection

The world of AI is a fast-moving place and it is likely that we will see a whole raft of new uses for it within cybersecurity in the next few years. One example that is already being seen is sophisticated AI software for pattern matching and early threat detection. While this is currently the major way in which AI impacts online security, expect this to be implemented even more in future and at an even higher level of learning.

It is mainly security vendors who are adopting AI for these purposes at present but you can easily see how AI could be used to protect whole networks in a business, or beef up firewall security. Artificial intelligence is ideal for augmenting current signature-based threat detection systems to help pick up more effectively on malware, phishing and malicious command attacks.

AI in cybersecurity can also help us identify previously unheard of threats and new dangers online. 

How else could AI impact cybersecurity’s future? 

Although the above shows how AI can help cybersecurity now and in the future, there are a few other uses we may see for it soon. These new areas of application could well help us to strengthen our online defenses against attack from digital criminals. 

One hope is that AI models can be used to predict which security cases IT analysts need to focus on, and pre-empt issues by having the relevant information ready for human operators to look through. This will naturally not only save a lot of time and see more threats dealt with but also save the human security operator having to sift through all the potential issues.

It is also hoped that next-level AI programs will use a visualized user interface to present cybersecurity data to analysts. This could well include live data on what is happening during an ongoing cybersecurity incident, for example. This kind of interface would be very handy and enable an operator to accurately see exactly what is happening quickly on-screen. 

Faster response times and more advanced chatbots 

Many insiders also believe that AI will be used more in the future of cybersecurity to speed up responses to online attacks. This is something businesses will look at in particular, as automated AI-backed responses would be much quicker to spring into action. Although human analysts may be needed for sophisticated threats, basic attempts could be dealt with quickly by AI. 

Although chatbots are nothing new, many think AI-backed bots that have learnt natural human language patterns could be useful in cybersecurity’s future. This would see AI bots able to understand and answer open-ended questions around security incident responses.

Cybersecurity could make great future use of AI

As we have noted above, AI has already started to come into cybersecurity and help us stay safer from online crime. Both for businesses involved in the supply chain and people on a personal level, this is naturally a good thing. As the future moves into view, it is likely that AI software will be used in more ways to keep everyone secure online. 

Future of Cybersecurity article and permission to publish here provided by Jon Clark. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 13, 2022.

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