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My husband (54) and I (50) are going to New York for a week on 9th May (we live in the UK).

I hope the wonderful commentators here will have suggestions for places to eat, things to do, things to avoid… neither of us have been before and it’s a bit overwhelming with the vast amount of information available online!

We’re trying to do it in a bit of a budget conscious way – we think eating out will be significantly more expensive than we’re used to in the UK, so want to trim our costs elsewhere where we can, any money-saving tips welcomed!

We’ve booked tickets to climb to the crown of the Statue of Liberty, and are looking at booking the Empire State Building and 9/11 memorial.

1. We’ll each have a 15kg ish suitcase – is it easy enough to get to our hotel in Times Square West on the subway, rather than taking a cab? The cost difference is quite significant!

2. It looks like we can book to go to the 86th and/or 102nd floor of the Empire State Building – is it worth going up the extra floors? I’m just not sure if the view would be *that* much better from higher up?

3. I’m veggie with a nut allergy, my husband is a committed carnivore who loves rib eye steak – suggestions of good places to eat that aren’t mega expensive? We both eat any and all cuisines although I’m not a fan of fast food.

In the same vein, breakfast recommendations in the area of Times Square West gratefully received!

4. We know all the usual ‘must-do’ sights in New York – what ‘off the beaten track’ or under the radar things should we do?

5. What’s the best app for finding our way around, and which subway routes/stops we need? We won’t have cellular reception, only WiFi in free WiFi spots, so can’t be an app that relies on a mobile connection.

6. Any general tips and tricks gratefully received.

Thanks in advance! I’ll be checking back in over the weekend if you need more info – I didn’t want to write a huge screed full of information you don’t need!

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