VML’s Walt Geer Has a New Kind of Marketing Conference

As VML’s chief creative officer of Innovation for North America, Walter T. Geer III has a strong pulse on culture. His beginnings go back to the early digital media days, where he is behind the patents of multiple ad units marketers might remember adding to media plans in the early 2000s.

But today, Geer is going beyond digital banners to revolutionize the ad industry. In fact, he is dedicating a week to it in the form of an economic forum and marketing conference focused on unlocking the economic potential of Black and diverse consumers, otherwise known as Blackweek.

In the latest episode of Yeah, That’s Probably An Ad, community editor Luz Corona and Europe brand editor Rebecca Stewart sit down for a candid chat with Geer. The CCO reflects on what he wishes he knew in his early career, who he thinks are the next up-and-coming talent in the marketing industry and the objectives behind his collaborations with other Black creative leaders on the Black Madison Ave documentary and Blackweek.

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