Top 5 Best Home Warranty Companies in Louisiana (2024)


  • Picking a home warranty in Louisiana means finding coverage that can handle the challenges posed by the state’s hot, humid, and rainy climate. Liberty Home Guard’s emergency services provide peace of mind during the hot, humid summers — when you rely on critical systems like air conditioners, sump pumps, and back-up generators the most. And even as a newer company, Liberty gets positive reviews for its responsive claims service.
  • For the fastest repairs, look at American Home Shield. It fixes most issues within a day, which is critical when your AC fails in the heat and humidity. It also covers preexisting problems in older homes, which are common in Louisiana.
  • Carefully read what each company covers and excludes. Make sure your policy includes the home systems you want repairs on if they break. If you have expensive home systems and luxury/premium appliances, Elite Home Warranty covers up to $10,000 for systems and $6,000 per appliance.

Home warranties have a bad reputation in Louisiana. You hear about denied claims, confusing contracts, and pushy sales tactics. With hot, humid weather, repairs can be stressful and pricey here. No wonder people approach home warranty companies carefully. That said, a reputable company can save you thousands on urgent repairs.

So, I thoroughly researched Louisiana’s top home warranty options. I compared real pricing, read the fine print on exclusions, spoke to real customer service representatives, and evaluated thousands of reviews. I graded each provider based on key factors like coverage, customization, customer service, reputation, and cost. This process helped me identify the best home warranty companies in Louisiana offering comprehensive coverage at fair rates.

My strict review process means these providers can reliably handle claims statewide — including frequent issues like AC breakdowns and plumbing issues. Louisiana’s climate means AC units and plumbing get heavy use. I’m confident the top five companies in this guide will provide strong coverage for routine repairs and maintenance in your Louisana home.

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My Expert Recommendation

Today’s Homeowner Tips

​​When I researched home warranty companies in Louisiana, two stood out — Liberty Home Guard and Elite Home Warranty.

​​When I researched home warranty companies in Louisiana, two stood out — Liberty Home Guard and Elite Home Warranty. Liberty has amazing custom plans, offering the most add-ons I’ve seen (41 total). Options like generator, sump pump, and roof leak coverage are important in the state due to its high rainfall and frequent storms. With heat waves in Louisiana, Liberty’s emergency services provide peace of mind for urgent HVAC and other critical repairs. 

For luxury or high-end appliances, I recommend Elite Home Warranty. As a BBB-accredited company, Elite has a stellar reputation. Its coverage caps go up to $6,000 for appliances and $10,000 for systems — very generous limits for premium items. Of course, all plans have exclusions, so review what’s covered thoroughly first to make sure everything you want protected in your home is covered. But Liberty’s customization and Elite’s high limits make it easier to safeguard your home here.

Today’s Homeowner Tips

I recommend shopping around and getting quotes from at least three home warranty providers before you sign a contract. Many providers have promotions over the phone or online to provide you additional savings, so I always recommend both calling in and requesting a quote online to get the best deal you can.

Louisiana Home Warranty Companies I Didn’t Include

I didn’t include Landmark Home Warranty in my recommendations due to worrying reviews and lack of Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. Despite being in business for 18 years, Landmark has poor consumer reviews, several complaints, and a few pending lawsuits across the country. While no company satisfies everyone, this history raises red flags for Louisiana homeowners.
I also removed Cinch Home Services from consideration. Cinch has past lawsuits over the alleged violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It has several online complaints about it breaking Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) laws, so I don’t feel comfortable suggesting Choice to Louisiana residents.

Compare The Highest-Rated Home Warranties In Louisiana

Company Star Rating Best For Monthly Cost Service Fee Response Time BBB Rating


Best for Customization



12-48 hrs.


Best Coverage Limits



24-72 hrs



Best Customer Ratings



48 hours


choice home warranty logo


Best Claims Acceptance



24-48 hrs.


select home warranty logo


Best Value



24-48 hrs.



Best for Additional Benefits



48 hours


first american logo


Best Appliance Coverage



48 hours


Best for Preventative Maintenance



2–24 hrs


Quote and cost data gathered January 2024. Cost data are updated and monitored continuously.

Our Reviews of the Best LouisianaHome Warranties

Best for Customization

Liberty Home Guard


Our Rating

Limited Time:

$200 Off + 2 Months free + Free Roof Leak Coverage

Where Liberty really stands out is customization. It offers over 40 coverage add-ons for unique home coverage for items like generators, which are common in the state due to the average six-plus power outages it has each year. And with Louisiana’s hurricane risks, having the flexibility to tailor your plan with things like optional generator coverage to keep up with the power outages and sump pump protection to make sure your basement stays dry are so valuable. You also get great 60–day workmanship guarantees, exceeding the 30–day standard. Between customized coverage, stellar reputation, and policy perks, Liberty delivers plans tailored to your home’s needs.

I know most home warranty companies get bad online reviews. But compared to other providers, Liberty has a higher degree of positive feedback — much higher than competitors. It also covers what most competitors don’t — up to two portable or window AC units, which many households in Louisana own due to the state’s heat and high humidity.  For reputation, flexibility, and coverage, Liberty is a top choice in Louisiana.

Liberty Home Guard’s main downside is that its coverage caps max out at $2,000 — lower than competitors like Elite Home Warranty with $6,000 caps. And its add-ons run pricey, averaging $15 monthly versus $6 for Elite. Liberty was founded less than ten years ago (in 2017), so it lacks experience versus long-running providers like American Home Shield. Users report relentless sales calls and high cancellation fees, too. Liberty has fixed service fees and excludes preexisting defects.
Recently, Liberty’s A+ BBB rating was revoked and replaced with an NR (not rated) rating until the BBB can thoroughly review recent complaints and either reinstate its rating or lower it. Liberty’s rates also start higher than those of competitors — $49.99 a month may be too much for some budgets here. For homeowners seeking maximum coverage and financial flexibility, consider more established brands such as American Home Shield or Select Home Warranty. But for most Louisiana homes without ultra-high-end systems and uncommon appliances, Liberty still protects sufficiently. Just know its caps and pricing aren’t the best available.

Dealing with high heat and humidity, Louisiana homeowners need strong protection from system and appliance breakdowns to make sure they can keep up with usage  — my top recommendation is Liberty Home Guard. At around $50 monthly, I praise its affordable and customizable plans. Liberty stands out with unique add-ons like pest control, pools, and carpet cleaning — offerings I haven’t seen elsewhere. And as I mentioned earlier, its generator add-on is useful since many homes have backup power due to frequent power outages in the state. These flexible options provide peace of mind that your appliances and systems are covered. Liberty also gets great customer service ratings.

The one drawback is Liberty’s $2,000 coverage caps. These may not adequately cover luxury or high-end appliances — American Home Warranty and Elite Home Warranty offer higher limits.  But for most standard systems, the caps should sufficiently protect‌ them. Liberty doubles industry standards with a 60-day workmanship guarantee that provides additional no-charge repairs if a technician needs to come back again for the same issue.

If you don’t need high caps and want customization, add-ons, affordable premiums, and stellar service, Liberty is a great choice in Louisiana. Its tailored plans and perks provide ample protection for most homes here.

Liberty Home Guard lets you deeply customize coverage — with appliance, system, or combined plans and 40-plus add-ons. For Louisiana’s hurricane risks, this flexibility and optional limited roof leak coverage bring peace of mind. Getting small leaks repaired before hurricane season can prevent extensive water damage in your home.  I’d choose the combined Total Home Guard plan for full protection of appliances and systems. It only costs $10 more per month than the basic plan.

Pricing starts affordably around $50 monthly, equaling national averages. Most add-ons run $8 to $15 extra, slightly above average. One drawback is Liberty’s non-negotiable $65 to $125 service fees. But Liberty offers discounts to help offset charges. When I got a quote, they offered two free months with an annual payment — a $100-plus savings. I also got a $225 coupon to enroll. 

A unique perk is Liberty’s 60-day workmanship guarantee, which is double the industry standard. This provides extra protection if contractors don’t make repairs correctly the first time. Between custom plans, discounts, and the 60-day guarantee, Liberty is a great choice for Louisiana homeowners wanting customized security.

Plan Monthly Cost Service Fee Available Discounts
Appliance Guard $49.99 $65 $125 2 months free, $225 off coupon
Systems Guard $54.99 $65 $125 2 months free, $225 off coupon
Total Home Guard $59.99 $65 $125 2 months free, $225 off coupon

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in New Orleans, LA. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Liberty Home Guard has the most optional add-ons of all home warranty providers, at a total of 41. In the list below, you’ll  see all the available add-ons and their monthly premium at the time of writing. For Louisana homes, I particularly like the limited roof leak coverage. The state gets around 57 inches of rain per year, so having some roof leak coverage is a plus. 

  • Carpet cleaning: $19.99/month
  • Casita guest unit: $35.99/month
  • Central vacuum: $8.99/month
  • Ejector pump: $14.99/month
  • Electronics protection: $19.99/month
  • Freestanding ice maker: $14.99/month
  • Generator: $19.99/month
  • Grinder pump: $14.99/month
  • Gutter cleaning: $14.99/month
  • Ice maker (in-fridge): $3.99/month
  • Instant hot water dispenser: $9.99/month
  • Lawn sprinkler system: $9.99/month
  • Lighting fixtures: $7.99/month
  • Limited roof leak: $11.99/month
  • Pest control: $14.99/month
  • Plumbing fixtures: $7.99/month
  • Pool and spa: $19.99/month
  • Additional spa: $9.99/month
  • Power washing (exterior flooring): $19.99/month
  • Pro-series clothes dryer: $4.99/month
  • Pro-series dishwasher: $7.99/month
  • Pro-series microwave: $4.99/month
  • Pro-series range/oven/cooktop: $12.99/month
  • Pro-series refrigerator: $14.99/month
  • Pro-series standalone freezer: $14.99/month
  • Pro-series washing machine: $4.99/month
  • Re-key: $9.99/month
  • Reverse osmosis water filter system: $14.99/month
  • Salt water pool: $23.99/month
  • Second refrigerator: $7.99/month
  • Septic system pumping: $12.99/month
  • Sump pump: $8.99/month
  • Swamp cooler: $14.99/month
  • Trash compactor: $7.49/month
  • TV mounting (up to 65 inch TVs): $14.99/month
  • TV mounting (up to 85 inch TVs): $19.99/month
  • Water dispenser water line: $4.99/month
  • Water softener: $13.99/month
  • Well pump: $12.99/month
  • Window washing/cleaning: $19.99/month
  • Wine cooler/fridge: $11.99/month

Here are all of Liberty Home Warranty’s exclusions. These are all standard exclusions within the home warranty industry. 

  • Cosmetic defects
  • Cranes or other specialty vehicles required to install, remove, or access your appliances or home systems
  • Damages caused by acts of God, including storms
  • Disposal of appliances, systems, or components
  • Electronics, computerized, “smart,” or Internet/enabled components and parts
  • Filters associated with any covered items
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Flues, vents, chimneys, and exhaust lines
  • Glass parts
  • Lighting
  • Noise
  • Radon and other leak detection monitoring systems
  • Remote receiving and transmitting devices
  • Solar systems and applications

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

Liberty Home Guard offers competitively priced plans — starting around $50 monthly, which is about average. However, add-on costs run higher than most, with most over $15 per month (competitors such as American Home Shield and Elite Home Warranty price most of their add-ons less than $10). You’ll also pay $65 to $125 non-negotiable service fees for claims.

Additionally, Liberty only covers up to an item’s “book value,” not the full pre-depreciation amount (see sample contract excerpt below). And its $2,000 per-item coverage caps fall below other providers, such as American Home Shield at $3,000 and Elite Home Warranty at $6,000. But Liberty covers unique appliances that others don’t. Add-ons for reverse osmosis filters and pro-series/luxury equipment let you cover all appliances and systems you need. 

So, Liberty’s base plans are affordably priced, but the higher add-on costs, lower caps, and book value payouts are drawbacks.. The flexibility to cover unique appliances is a major plus, though. Louisiana homeowners need to weigh these pros and cons based on their specific needs and systems.

Liberty Home Guard makes enrollment smooth for Louisiana homeowners. The website and online quoting were easy to navigate, and it was simple to customize coverage and compare plans when I did my secret shopping. Once you’re enrolled, Liberty offers quick customer support through chat, phone, and email. It also starts coverage faster than competitors — in 30 days rather than the typical 60 days. Liberty’s repair guarantee gives assurance that any work will be done right. However, some online reviews note a slow response time when you file a claim, and others cite difficulty reaching a supervisor when they need to escalate an issue, so I think a 7.8/10 rating is fair for this provider. Still, for a streamlined experience from quote to repair, Liberty delivers transparent pricing, good accessibility, fast coverage start, and service guarantees.

Liberty Home Guard is a younger home warranty provider but has earned a strong reputation in its shorter time in business, easily earning my 9.1/10 rating. No home warranty company earns feedback as consistently positive as that of Liberty Home Guard. Out of thousands of reviews, it stands far above competitors in customer satisfaction. For Louisiana homeowners seeking reliable protection, Liberty is my top recommendation.

Although Liberty has a plethora of positive reviews, it was recently hit with multiple complaints on the BBB website. As a result, the BBB temporarily revoked its previous A+ rating and now lists the provider as  NR (not rated). After contacting the BBB and talking with a customer service representative, I found out that this is standard procedure. Once the BBB fully reviews the complaints, it will either revert LHG back to its A+ rating or update it to a lower score. It’s worth mentioning that this scenario also happened to Liberty previously on the BBB. After thoroughly reviewing on both occasions, the BBB restored Liberty’s A+ rating. 

On a positive note, its overwhelmingly great Google and Trustpilot reviews cement Liberty’s reputation. Users highlight exceptional service, smooth claims processes, and fast issue resolution. Negative reviews are very few, with just the occasional long waits or surprise fees mentioned.

Rating Site Rating Number of Reviews
BBB NR* Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
Trustpilot 4.7 2,368
Google 4.7 9,998
Yelp 1.5 52

*Under review due to recent complaints as of Feb 2024. Previously an A+ rating. 

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Note (as of 2/26): The Better Business Bureau recently shifted LHG’s A+ rating to “NR.” We reached out to a representative from the Better Business Bureau, and they told us, “This business is not currently rated. BBB has recently received numerous complaints against this business and will issue a rating after it has fully evaluated them.” When asked about whether they revoke ratings after an increase in complaints, the rep said, “Yes, if they feel they need to review the complaints first before issuing an accurate rating.” This scenario has happened to LHG twice in the last two years, but each time the BBB has restored its A+ rating after a thorough review.

Liberty Home Guard earns a perfect 10/10 rating for claims service in Louisiana. It has a 12-hour average response time and invaluable emergency repair options that many competitors lack. Liberty excels at addressing catastrophic failures like pipe bursts, AC breakdowns, and appliance leaks quickly. Homeowners consistently praise the smooth claims process and quick payouts after approval. Most claims get approved within 48 hours after the standard 30-day waiting period‌.

Liberty Home Guard offers its plans to all 50 U.S. states so Louisiana homeowners can expect a strong local network of experienced contractors available to repair any issues in their homes. 

Best Coverage Limits

American Home Shield


Our Rating

Limited Time:

40% Off Our Most Popular Plan

American Home Shield (AHS) provides unique coverage options that stand out in Louisiana. It includes roof leak protection (perfect considering how much rain the state gets) and has higher $2,000 to $3,000 coverage limits. AHS covers rust, corrosion, and preexisting conditions, too. It also lets you customize service fees. With 50-plus years of perfecting contractor relationships, AHS can access specialized repair help for any needs. This expertise delivers great protection for Louisiana’s older homes prone to weather damage.

Given American Home Shield’s decades of experience, I’m concerned by their abundant negative customer feedback on sites like the BBB versus competitors like Liberty Home Guard and Select Home Warranty. Its history and contractor scale amplified these red flags for me. Surfacing issues like unexpected rate hikes and short 30-day workmanship guarantees indicate room for transparency and service improvements despite advantages like strong coverage maximums.

With over 50 years of experience, American Home Shield earns its 8.6/10 rating for strong coverage limits and contractor networks. It provides higher caps — up to $4,000 for appliances and $5,000 for systems, beating competitors with $3,000 maximums such as Select Home Warranty. This makes AHS a great value for Louisiana homes with high-end equipment. Its large contractor network also enables broad, reputable repair support across the state.

While I found quoting and shopping online straightforward with AHS, some downsides exist. It has many negative reviews on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau, citing slow response times, failed repairs, and contract misunderstandings. Plus, its lower-tier plans are not as comprehensive as competitors’ entry-level options when it comes to appliances and systems covered. However, the ShieldPlatinum plan provides extensive protection for just a small monthly premium increase. I also applaud AHS for covering preexisting conditions and rust/corrosion, which many Louisiana providers exclude.

AHS offers ShieldSilver for major systems, ShieldGold covering some systems/appliances, and the comprehensive ShieldPlatinum plan. Unique to ShieldPlatinum is roof leak repair and free HVAC tune-ups — normally excluded by warranties (or offered as optional add-ons). The tune-up is a nice bonus to help prevent AC failure in Louisiana’s heat, especially during its of 110-plus  days of 90ºF or higher temperatures per year – making it worthy of its 9/10 rating for this alone. AHS also highlights covering older items regardless of age and preexisting defects — unlike competitors like Select Home Warranty.

​​All AHS plans cover old, improperly installed equipment and preexisting conditions, too — which many home warranty providers exclude. This expansive coverage brings peace of mind for owners of complex or aging systems vulnerable to hot weather. While AHS’s $100 to $125 service fees exceed the $75 average, they allow flexibility through lower monthly premiums or higher service fees. You choose your preference. AHS prepares Louisiana homeowners for breakdowns and surprise repair costs on key home systems and appliances.

Plan Monthly Cost Service Fee Available Discounts*
ShieldSilver $29.99 $39.99 $100 $125 20% off sign-up discount
ShieldGold $49.99 $59.99 $100 $125 20% off sign-up discount
ShieldPlatinum $79.99 $89.99 $100 $125 20% off sign-up discount

*If you choose the lower service fee of $100, you pay the higher monthly premium. For example, the $79.99 rate for the ShieldPlatinum plan pairs with the $125 service fee.

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in New Orleans, LA. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

American Home Shield offers just six optional add-ons, which pales in comparison to Liberty’s 40-plus options. However, it does offer roof leak repair, which is useful considering Louisiana’s high amounts of rainfall throughout the year. 

  • Electronics protection plan: $14/month
  • Guest unit: $15.99/month
  • Pool & built-in-spa equipment: $18/month
  • Roof leak repair: $10/month
  • Septic pump: $5/month
  • Well pump: $8/month

I found the following exclusions to AHS’s plans while reviewing a sample contract. Compared to other providers, these exclusions aren’t out of the ordinary. 

  • Damage due to pets or pests
  • Failure to properly clean or maintain home systems or appliances
  • Foundation or structural damage
  • Improper installation, improper wiring, or damage caused by construction activity
  • Manufacturer’s defect
  • Misuse or human error
  • Natural disasters
  • Neglect, rust, corrosion, or sediment
  • Removal of hazardous material

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

American Home Shield earns its 8.7/10 rating for its strong coverage to protect expensive appliances and systems in your home. However, you pay more in monthly fees and service charges compared to some other home warranty companies. For example, ‌its monthly premiums are higher than those of most competitors. You also have to choose between a $100 or $125 service fee when you file a claim. That’s more than what many other companies charge, which on average is $75.

But in return, American Home Shield provides more coverage. Many basic warranties only cover repairs up to around $2,000 per appliance or system. American Home Shield extends that to $5,000. For pools, its $3,000 limit also triples what basic warranties provide. American Home Shield isn’t the best choice if low monthly costs are most important to you, but its strong coverage makes sense for many Louisiana homeowners with higher-value equipment. The peace of mind and extra protection can make the higher fees worthwhile. 

I had high expectations for great service from a long-running company like American Home Shield. However, I found too many complaints about communication issues  — many people said agents didn’t return calls or messages. That’s worrying to see from an industry leader, as you expect better responsiveness when you need help. 

However, American Home Shield does provide homeowners with dedicated account managers. So, if you have issues with one agent, you have backup options to contact. The company also offers multiple ways to get support beyond phone calls. Plus, its standard waiting period before a new policy kicks in is 30 days— much better than other providers that make homeowners wait 60 days or more.

American Home Shield gets concerningly low ratings on sites like the Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, and Yelp — knocking my rating for its reputation down to a 7.7/10. Many complaints involve late contractors, rejected claims, and slow responses from the company. However, some negative reviews likely come from customers not fully understanding what their policies cover and what the limits are before signing up. 

Today’s Homeowner Tips

Always review the home warranty contract first to fully understand what it does and does not include. This prevents you from signing up for a plan that doesn’t cover the items you need or one that provides coverage caps that are too low or has exclusions on items you need covered.

Despite the low ratings, even critical customers acknowledge American Home Shield provides strong coverage when things go smoothly with claims and contractors. AHS also replies to nearly every negative review on Trustpilot. This shows the company is making an effort to address complaints and improve service where possible.

So while the low ratings worry me, I think they are somewhat inflated by misunderstandings. Plus, people are more prone to leaving a review after a bad experience rather than a good or neutral one. And given that AHS has been in business for so long, it has had time to accumulate more reviews. On a positive note, when American Home Shield’s coverage applies based on the contract, many customers praise the protection it provides. 

Rating Site Rating Number of Reviews
BBB B Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
Trustpilot 2.1 5,219
Google 2.8 2,379
Yelp 1.1 839

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

American Home Shield makes the claims process smooth and convenient for Louisiana homeowners. Its 24/7 customer service and ability to file claims around the clock bring added peace of mind. Home systems and appliances can fail at any time. Having reliable help available right away is key, especially for urgent issues like roof leaks, AC breakdowns, and plumbing issues.

Once you submit a claim by phone or through American Home Shield’s website, tracking the status online is simple. While the overall process meets industry standards, allowing visibility reduces stress. You can easily follow your repair history and contact American Home Shield with any questions.

American Home Shield is available in 49 states — Alaska being the only state it does not cover. So, homeowners nationwide can rely on AHS’s wide network of experienced contractors to swiftly repair issues in their homes. 

Best Claims Acceptance

Choice Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:

$50 Off + 1 month free!

I like that Choice Home Warranty (CHW) simplifies choosing a home warranty with two straightforward plans: a comprehensive Total Plan or a more affordable Basic Plan excluding certain appliances. While CHW gets mixed reviews for claims handling, I appreciate its 24/7 customer support options and competitive pricing, given how many items it covers. Many customers’ reviews report prompt, quality service from knowledgeable technicians once claims get approved. Between the around-the-clock assistance, focused coverage choices, and proven contractor excellence, CHW delivers the core strengths Louisiana homeowners need.

Choice Home Warranty has very low ratings on review sites — just 1.1 stars on Google and 1 star on Yelp. Those scores raise big questions for me about the company’s service and claims handling. Checking CHW’s prices online takes more effort, too. And its online quotes lack specifics, forcing you to start the checkout process to compare plan costs. Choice also has very few optional add-ons, which may not be critical to Louisiana homeowners who want to cover just the basics. 

Choice Home Warranty stands out most for its high claims approval percentage, beating competitors. If your AC fails or your refrigerator dies in the Louisiana heat,‌ getting repairs covered quickly matters greatly. Choice offers around-the-clock claims support as well as 24/7 customer service, with filing options by phone or online. Once approved, technicians typically provide prompt, skilled repairs — though some delays do happen. Leveraging a 25,000-plus contractor network nationwide means your home can get efficient repairs. 

As a long-established major provider for over two  million properties, Choice has plenty of experience protecting homes. Its basic plan covers both systems and appliances, unlike some entry options from other providers that lack air conditioner or fridge coverage. Annual coverage caps of $3,000 per item are decent, too, exceeding ‌industry averages but not the highest available.

Downsides do exist. Choice earns very poor online ratings compared to rivals, scoring just 1 star on Yelp and 1.1 on Google. Customizing plans or choosing your own contractor isn’t allowed either. But for the reassurance of industry-leading claims approval percentages and broad basic coverage from an experienced, nationwide provider, Choice Home Warranty merits consideration for Louisiana residents despite some drawbacks.

Choice Home Warranty simplifies picking coverage with two straightforward plans — a Total Plan or Basic Plan. This avoids confusing tiers that some providers offer. The expansive Total Plan covers 18 key home systems/appliances for under $55 monthly. That beats competitor pricing from the likes of Liberty Home Guard and American Home Shield for such inclusive protection. However, its cheaper Basic Plan omits AC, fridges, washers, and dryers, but still covers 14 major items.

For maximum coverage per dollar, I recommend most Louisiana homeowners choose the Total Plan. While some rivals have many more add-ons, Choice perfectly balances simplicity and affordability. When getting a quote, I also received an offer for two free months if prepaying annually. Since Choice already costs less than competitors, those extra savings make it even more cost-effective in the long term.

Plan Monthly Cost Service Fee Available Discounts
Basic Plan $46.83 $85 $50 off and one month free
Total Plan $54.75 $85 $50 off and one month free

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in New Orleans, LA. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Choice Home Warranty offers 12 optional add-ons to Louisiana homeowners. As someone who lives in a rural area without city water and sewage, I appreciate the septic system, septic tank pumping, and well pump add-ons. These systems are pricey, and having them covered could save you from sudden emergency repair bills in the thousands. 

  • Central vacuum: $3.33/month
  • Limited roof leak: $5.83/month
  • Pool: $15/month
  • Second Refrigerator: $3.33/month
  • Septic System: $10/month
  • Septic Tank Pumping: $5.42/month
  • Spa: $15/month
    • Additional Spa: $15/month
  • Sprinkler system: $8.33/month
  • Standalone freezer: $3.33/month
  • Sump pump: $3.33/month
  • Well pump: $8.33/month

On reviewing a sample contract, I found that Choice Home Warranty has the following exclusions to its plans:

  • Built-in microwave
  • Ceiling fan
  • Clothes dryer
  • Clothes washer
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage disposal
  • Malfunction due to physical damage (only damage due to normal wear and tear is covered)
  • Oven/range/cooktop
  • Refrigerator (except audio/visual equipment and WiFi components — i.e., “Smart” features) 

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

Choice Home Warranty earns its 8.9/10 rating for its low costs, affordable service call fees, and good coverage caps. Both ‌its plans are under $55 monthly — beating industry averages. The $85 service call fee falls is lower than average but not the cheapest. However, it’s a fixed rate preventing surprise charges down the road. While not the absolute lowest-cost provider, Choice’s budget monthly premiums and extra-value perks provide strong affordability for Louisiana homeowners. That includes covering full replacement costs if an appliance or system fails, not just depreciated value like Liberty Home Guard provides. .

With CHW, you can also get a no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of starting your plan, minimizing risk of trying out Choice’s protection. Add-on options cost under $15 per item, too — one of the most budget-friendly rates among leading home warranty companies. This lets you ‌tailor coverage at low rates.

Getting quotes through Choice Home Warranty went smoothly for me. The website makes researching basic plan details and sample contracts easy before checkout. I appreciate seeing what’s covered up front to understand coverage versus cost. Its 24/7 customer support availability helps during the buying process. Helpful representatives call after online quotes to answer questions. In my experience, Choice gladly offers extra discounts too.

Once you enroll, Choice maintains responsiveness. Policyholders gain 24/7 assistance along with reassuring quick service guarantees — a 30-day wait period, a 60-day workmanship guarantee, and 90-day parts coverage. However, there are some downsides.  Online quotes lack pricing specifics. You have to proceed through checkout to actually compare plan costs side by side. I’d prefer to see exact numbers up front before providing my information.

Choice Home Warranty receives an 8.3/10 rating from me due to its mixed reviews. Positively, its employees gave positive Glassdoor reviews, rating it a 4.7 stars. Happy staff often signals ethical operations. Choice also has decent marks with the Better Business Bureau and on Trustpilot.

However, poor customer review scores on sites like Yelp and Google Reviews drag it CHW down. While employees seem content, a concerning number of customers report frustrating experiences. I can’t ignore that. Especially worrying is an open Arizona Attorney General lawsuit against Choice involving fraud allegations — a severe charge threatening credibility. However, this lawsuit has yet to receive a judgment, so I did not consider it in my rating — I’m considering CHW  innocent until proven guilty.

Rating Site Rating Number of Reviews
BBB B Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
Trustpilot 3.7 38,144
Yelp 1.0 249

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Editor’s Note: Today’s Homeowner is aware of a lawsuit in progress against Choice Home Warranty in Arizona. Our team is monitoring the situation and will adjust our scores if a negative judgment is found against Choice. In the meantime, their score is reflective of the company reputation independent from the lawsuit, though you should review the allegations if you have any further concerns.

Choice Home Warranty gets mixed reviews on its claims handling. Many customers praise fast, effective repairs from qualified technicians once approved. Top agents respond quickly to get homes fixed as issues arise. However, the fine print shows delays happen too. Buried in sample contracts is language giving providers up to 48 hours to begin claims — despite a stated four-hour service goal. A handful of negative reviews complain of slow contractor assignment and unresolved repairs dragging on for days.

That said, I take that feedback with a grain of salt. People more readily vent frustrations than positive experiences in online reviews. And with a wide network of 25,000 technicians, consistency is difficult. However, considering CHW’s mostly positive feedback on the claims process and its high percentage of accepted claims, my 8.8/10 rating is reasonable. 

Choice offers its plans to homeowners in 48 states, excluding California and Washington. Although it doesn’t provide coverage nationwide, you can expect a strong network of experienced contractors ready to fix any issue that comes up in your home. 

Best Value

Select Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:

$150 Off (Code HOUSE25)

I like that Select Home Warranty (SHW) offers cheaper monthly premiums compared to many competitors like Liberty Home Guard and American Home Shield. Paying less each month provides welcome savings that add up over time for homeowners on a budget. Even better, Select includes comprehensive roof coverage in all its straightforward plans — a feature most rival companies surprisingly omit or only include through expensive add-ons.

If you notice leaks after a rain, your home insurance provider likely won’t cover the damage that’s the culprit as it’s considered to be from normal wear and tear. That’s where Select’s roof leak coverage comes in handy. Without it, you could face high repair bills to patch roof holes. For more details on Select’s roof leak coverage, read here

I also like Select’s 90-day repair guarantee — which is a month longer than the repair guarantees of most other providers

Select Home Warranty trails leading home warranty providers in customization options — offering just nine add-ons versus the 40-plus some companies like Liberty Home Guard offer. This limits flexibility for Louisiana homeowners needing expanded coverage. What also concerns me is Select’s exclusion of preexisting conditions. If you don’t closely ‌inspect your home before enrollment, you could risk a claim denial over undiscovered problems. I also find Select’s restrictions around service to be frustrating for customers. Policyholders can’t pick preferred repair contractors to access their homes.

Select Home Warranty gets my 8.4/10 rating for its decent plan options, great pricing, and good customer experience. I  appreciate SHW’s value focus for homeowners wanting financial security without complexity. It provides straightforward Gold, Silver, and Platinum tier options clearly covering either appliances, systems, or both. This simplified approach makes picking the right protections easier compared to competitors with confusing plan names.

Select’s affordable pricing also stands out. The company offers below-average monthly premiums that beat leading brands like Liberty Home Guard and American Home Shield. Paying less over time saves you money. However, Select’s $3,000 coverage cap per item may only cover just basic home appliances and systems. Louisiana’s hot summers stress AC units to the max. More expensive and larger units often require double the coverage to replace. Before enrolling, weigh the costs of your existing systems and appliances and your monthly budget.

I’d recommend SHW’s wider Platinum Care plan for residents who want a well-rounded protection option. It covers more at a still-reasonable price. But for high-end appliances or specialty systems, consider Liberty Home Guard or Elite Home Warranty, which offer higher caps and greater customization opportunities instead.

I appreciate how Select Home Warranty simplifies choices into clear coverage types — appliances, systems, or both combined. However, its single-focused Gold Care and Bronze Care plans leave concerning gaps. Each omits either HVAC or kitchen equipment, which are important items most homeowners would want to cover.

That said, the Platinum Care plan bundles comprehensive protections for only $4 more monthly, making it the smartest option for practically every Louisiana household. During my quote, Select advertised valuable savings on Platinum Care, too — two free months up front and $150 off yearly pricing. Customer reviews also suggest you may negotiate lower monthly and service fees through customer service when you enroll. One drawback is that Select has very few optional add-ons — just nine total. That said, if you just need the basics covered, Select is a good choice. 

Plan Monthly Cost Service Fee Available Discounts
Bronze Care $44.42 $75 $150 off (website), two extra months free
Gold Care $44.42 $75 $150 off (website), two extra months free
Platinum Care $47.75 $75 $150 off (website), two extra months free

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in New Orleans, LA. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Select has the following optional add-ons for Louisiana homeowners: 

  • Central Vacuum: $3.33/month
  • Lawn Sprinkler System: $5.83/month
  • Pool: $8.33/month
  • Roof Leak: free
  • Septic System: $5.83/month
  • Spa: $5.83/month
  • Standalone Freezer: $3.33/month
  • Sump Pump: $3.33/month
  • Well Pump: $3.33/month

As with any home warranty provider, SHW has the below exclusions to its plans. These are on par with other providers. 

  • Common areas in condominiums or multifamily homes
  • Damage from natural disasters and rust
  • Defects or damages caused by the foundation and structure of the home
  • Incorrect installation or malfunctions due to construction damage or improper wiring
  • Issues with systems or appliances related to hazardous or toxic materials (for example mold, asbestos, and gas leaks)
  • Secondary damage (i.e., your home warranty may cover roof damage but won’t cover water damage caused by a roof leak)
  • Solar heating systems

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

Select Home Warranty gets my stellar 9.1/10 rating for its highly affordable premiums — just $40 monthly, including discounts. That undercuts the industry average of $50 to $60 per month, offering nice up-front savings on any coverage plan selected. You don’t pay extra or “punishment pricing” just to get their absolute highest protections.

I also like its reasonable $65 or $75 service fees — both less than the $100-plus charges from other providers such as Choice Home Warranty. So, on top of cheaper base plans, Louisiana households avoid high contractor visit fees when issues inevitably pop up.

Everything about Select’s straightforward Gold, Silver, and Platinum Care plans focuses on value pricing for reliable service. Between cheaper monthly costs to enroll and smaller repair fees down the road, homeowners pay less at every turn compared to leading brands known for higher prices. That said, SHW has lower coverage caps of $2,000 per appliance. While that’s enough coverage for most homes, it prevents me from giving SHW a perfect 10/10. 

Select Home Warranty impresses me by simplifying the home warranty process on its website and through an easy online quote system. Some competitors bombard you with calls and emails but Select conveniently outlines plans, pricing, and coverage specifics online without hassle or pressure.

As a homeowner, I found it easy to educate myself on what protections fit my budget and risks at my own pace. No confusing call center pitches or needless back and forth. I appreciate Select empowering customers to pick the right protections on their terms.

Select Home Warranty earns mediocre reputation scores among customers, which warrants my 8/10 rating. Its Better Business Bureau grade sits at a decent B, but reviews are mixed on sites like Trustpilot and Google. On the positive side, many past clients highlight helpful customer service, easy signup, and rapid repairs after claim approval. But critical feedback cites frustrating drawbacks too — mainly low reimbursements on claims, denied coverage, and unskilled technicians doing work.

Now I balance these poor reviews, knowing angry reviewers shout the loudest online and happy customers often don’t leave reviews at all. Select’s lower volume of feedback overall indicates fewer dissatisfied customers than big brands like Liberty Home Guard or American Home Shield. Nonetheless, it seems Select hasn’t wowed the majority of households with flawless service. While glowing praise exists, consistent complaints about claim handling, reimbursement limits, and contractor incompetence concern me. 

Rating Site Rating Number of Reviews
BBB B Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
Trustpilot 3.8 4,680
Google 3.8 19,688

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Select Home Warranty makes filing claims simple and direct. You can submit your air conditioner outage or ruptured pipe repair requests through its site or via a phone call. For most non-urgent breakdowns, technicians typically arrive within 48 hours (the industry standard) for diagnosis and repair. That said, some reviewers noted slower response times, and since they only offer two ways to file, I had to rate SHW a lower 7.6/10 in this category. 

For summer AC failures or roof leaks in the spring, even two days is far too long. Thankfully, Select provides 24/7 emergency assistance on nights and weekends to dispatch help faster. Prioritizing crises for a speedier response gives peace of mind when it matters most.

Select Home Warranty covers all U.S. states and the District of Columbia. With full nationwide coverage, you can expect a top-tier network of experienced contractors ready to knock out any issues you have in your home. 

Best Customer Ratings

Elite Home Warranty


Our Rating

Limited Time:

$150 Off + 1 Month Free

I’m pleased to see that Elite Home Warranty has very positive customer satisfaction across top review sites like Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot — consistently hitting 4.5 to 5 stars. That crushes the home warranty industry’s typical 2– to 3-star reputation, showcasing Elite’s stellar service track record pleasing clients.

Its pricing is competitive as well, all while providing 26 add-ons for expanded protection — ‌second in quantity only to Liberty Home Guard’s 41 optional add-ons. This flexibility helps Louisiana households find the ideal balance of affordability and financial security. I’m also impressed by Elite’s soaring coverage limits, hitting $10,000 per system and $6,000 per appliance — two to three times higher than most providers. Coupled with customized additions if you want higher limits covering unique amenities, Elite enables tailoring robust plans specific to your repair risks and budget.

Elite’s lack of true 24/7 emergency repair support without added fees concerns me. When critical systems like AC units fail overnight amid summer heat waves, families need urgent assistance. Elite’s $150 emergency surcharge seems unacceptable from an otherwise customer-focused provider during dire situations.

In the same vein,  blanket exclusion of commercial-grade equipment could prove a dealbreaker for some Louisiana homeowners needing specialty-grade protection. You must cough up add-on fees just to cover higher-end appliances, making its plans with these optional add-ons less cost-effective than those of other providers.  I also find Elite’s voided workmanship guarantee if you use your own technician versus their contractor network seriously restrictive.  I like having the option to use contractors I know will do a good job. And after sifting through customer reviews, I am disappointed to see that EHW can have a somewhat frustrating claims process.

I give Elite Home Warranty an 8.6/10 rating for industry-leading coverage amounts. Its caps hit $10,000 for home systems and $6,000 for appliances — way above the $2,000 to $3,000 competitors such as Select Home Warranty allow. For high-end home items vulnerable to costly repairs, that added protection brings invaluable peace of mind. Of Elite’s plan tiers, I think its Complete plan, covering both systems and appliances, makes the most financial sense for most Louisiana households wanting maximum value. You can use those high coverage limits across all equipment.

I will note this downside —  emergency repairs are only available during weekday business hours unless you pay steep extra fees. This is a poor policy for urgent issues arising on nights and weekends. But with 26 add-ons to customize coverage, Elite does lead rivals in protection flexibility, even if certain name brands trigger surcharges. In the end, Elite is best for homeowners wanting to safeguard expensive household infrastructure with the highest coverage limits. 

I can honestly say that Elite Home Warranty surprised me with its affordable premiums, number of add-ons, and high coverage cap — easily earning my perfect 10/10 rating in this category. Where Elite truly outshines rivals is providing best-in-class coverage caps that smash industry norms. For appliances, Elite pays up to $6,000 per claim — doubling the standard $3,000 limits other major providers offer. Even more impressive, Elite’s $10,000 systems cap is two to three times what many competitors guarantee.

Like other home warranty providers, Elite offers dedicated appliance or system plans. But I recommend its combined Elite Complete plan for fully bundled protection at a minor upcharge. With Louisiana’s weather constantly leading to wear on AC units, water heaters, and similar equipment, such elevated coverage maximums bring invaluable peace of mind, covering inevitable repairs. I also discovered Elite gives a 30-day free trial and $150 off for enrolling by phone — making its top-tier protection more budget-friendly.

Plan Monthly Cost Service Fee Available Discounts
Elite Appliance $48.99 $100 $150 on sign-up, 30-day trial
Elite Systems $52.99 $100 $150 on sign-up, 30-day trial
Elite Complete $59.99 $100 $150 on sign-up, 30-day trial

Editor’s Note: The cost data mentioned in this article was sourced for a single-family, two-bedroom home under 5,000 square feet in New Orleans, LA. The cost data presented was accurate at the time of publication.

Available Add-Ons

Elite Home Warranty offers 26 optional add-ons to homeowners in Louisiana. As someone who deals with stormy seasons in Indiana, I understand the need to cover critical equipment to make sure it’s in working order before heavy rainfall and thunderstorms hit. That’s why I appreciate Elite’s  drainage, sewer, and water service lines optional add-on, along with options to cover your sump pump, lift pump, and generator system. 

  • Attic Exhaust Fan: $69.99/year
  • Central Vacuum: $49.00/year
  • Effluent Pump: $99.99/year
  • Ejector Pump: $99.99/year
  • Freestanding Freezer: $59.99/year
  • Freestanding Ice Maker: $59.99/year
  • Freestanding Spa Equipment: $119.99/year
  • Generator: $99.99/year
  • Geothermal Heating And Cooling System: $299.99/year
  • Grinder Pump: $99.99/year
  • Guest House: $299.99/year
  • HVAC Annual Maintenance: $299.99/year
  • Jetted/Hot Tub: $99.99/year
  • Lawn Sprinkler System: $99.99/year
  • Lift Pump: $99.99/year
  • Limited Roof Leak Repair: $99.99/year
  • Pool & Spa Equipment: $199.99/year
  • Pool Equipment: $149.99/year
  • Premium Appliances: $249.99/year
  • Premium Benefits: $199.99/year
  • Premium Systems: $299.99/year
  • Premium Systems Plus: $499.99/year
  • Septic System: $129.99/year
  • Service Lines: $349.99/year
  • Sump Pump: $99.99/year
  • Swamp Cooler: $149.99/year
  • Water Filtration System: $99.99/year
  • Water Softener: $99.99/year
  • Well Pump: $99.99/year
  • Wine Cooler: $69.99/year

Like all home warranty providers, Elite has a handful of exclusions to its plans: 

  • A lack of maintenance
  • Acts of God
  • Commercial-grade appliances
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Natural disaster-related damages
  • Units in a rental property

Compared to other providers, these are par for the course. 

Editor’s Note: While this article highlights certain exclusions, it is imperative for readers to review their contracts as the mentioned exclusions are not exhaustive, and additional exclusions may apply.

Elite Home Warranty’s core monthly premiums largely align with those of competitors — costing $45 to $60 on average, depending on the plan. However, the phone agent I spoke with was frustratingly vague — the rep made it hard to understand the add-on fees, which can significantly impact your long-term costs. Without full price transparency up front, it’s impossible for Louisiana households to accurately budget and compare plans apples to apples.

Like leading competitors, Elite’s $100 basic service call fee seems reasonable. However, I found these fine-print charges after lots of digging that can rapidly increase expenses once you’re enrolled:

  • $150 weekend/emergency surcharges
  • $150 for access to premium brand technicians

These fees add up quickly. I will say Elite allows a free monthly trial and cancellation periods to vet plans risk-free. However, the lack of transparency around total fees remains concerning for buyers who value predictable budgets.

I found Elite Home Warranty’s website surprisingly tough to navigate, unlike those of leading rivals with quick, transparent online quoting tools. Elite requires phoning representatives to receive even ballpark premium estimates. And its add-on fees are hard to find, too (and only list a yearly price)  — making precise monthly budgeting difficult. I couldn’t easily weigh its three plans apples to apples without calling first. And when I did call in, I felt that the customer service rep I spoke to wasn’t up front with the additional costs either. That friction risks turning some comparison shoppers away.

As a newer home warranty provider, Elite Home Warranty has limited online reviews — fewer than 60 combined on Trustpilot and Yelp. This small sample drags ‌its reputation score down to 8.3/10. However, Elite does hold accredited status and positive marks from the Better Business Bureau for service quality and follow-through.

The few published reviews lean very positive. Multiple reviews highlight affordable rates, fast claims resolution, and attentive customer service follow-up ensuring satisfaction. Negative feedback mostly involves frustrations around waiting periods or disorganization — likely from customer misunderstandings rather than systemic issues.

While more customer appraisals over time would better showcase Elite’s offerings, present feedback shows early promise. Recent praise centered on claims and service suggests the company empowers technicians to provide quality repairs while regularly checking in that households feel supported. If EHW keeps the same glowing ratings while amassing more reviews, its reputation score will continue to creep up to 10. 

Rating Site Rating Number of Reviews
BBB A+ Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating
Trustpilot 4.7 51
Google 4.7 127
Yelp 4.8 4

Editor’s Note: The ratings provided were accurate at the time of publication.

Elite has 24/7 claims filing online or by phone to start repairs any hour — now standard in the industry. However, unlike other providers, it excludes emergency services coverage after hours without charges. That leaves homeowners deserted amid leaking roofs overnight or AC failures during summer heat waves without paying extra.

Considering how urgently critical those scenarios become for property and health, I expect providers to dispatch emergency aid more dependably, not profit by charging excessive fees when vulnerable households desperately need assistance. For non-emergency claims, Elite falls back in line with competitors regarding response times. Contractors arrive within 24 to 48 hours during normal business days — acceptable but not exemplary.

Elite Home Warranty is available in 46 U.S. states — all besides California, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington. While it’s not complete nationwide coverage, EHW has a strong network of contractors that you can rely on for expert repairs. 

Calculate the Cost of Louisiana Home Warranty

Use our home warranty cost calculator to determine the annual price of a home warranty policy for your Louisiana home. Just input a few key numbers:

  • Monthly premium for the plan you want
  • How many service calls you expect to need annually
  • The service call fee charged for each visit

The calculator uses these inputs to estimate the full annual cost of a new plan, making it easy for you to budget.

Appliance Average Repair Cost Average Replacement Cost
Dehumidifier $50–$200 $1,300–$2,800
Microwave $50–$400 $60–$2,000
Dishwasher $50–$500 $400–$3,000
Exhaust Fans $16–$300 $250–$950
Electric Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
Gas Range $100–$500 $230–$3,000
Dryer $100–$400 $450–$2,300
Oven $100–$430 $400–$3,000
Washer $50–$450 $400–$2,300
Freezer $90–$500 $160–$2,900
Refrigerator $40–$350 $200–$5,000

Louisiana Home Warranty Regulations

In Louisiana, home warranty companies are overseen by both the state government and industry organizations. Both protect customers while ensuring reputable business practices. The Louisiana Department of Insurance (DOI) serves as the main monitoring body under statutes 51:3141 to 51:3146. These laws require home warranty providers to file paperwork and reports with the Insurance Commission before selling plans. This up-front process verifies that companies can financially uphold their service commitments within the state.

Industry associations like the Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) also develop standards alongside lawmakers. Their oversight protects consumers and makes for responsible home warranty providers.

Louisiana Home Warranty News

In the past few years, Louisiana residents have been receiving fraudulent home warranty letters in the mail. According to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, these letters have wording that demands homeowners respond by a certain date, or they will‌ lose their home warranty coverage. The end goal of these letters is to get homeowners’ personal details for illegal activities. 

Sometimes, these letters include the homeowner’s mortgage company, making them appear genuine.  However, as the local Sheriff’s Department notes, this information is part of the public record. So, if you receive letters with demands like this, throw them in the trash. No reputable home warranty company will contact you in this manner, especially the ones I recommended in this guide. 

FAQs about the Best Home Warranties in Louisiana

Do You Need a Home Warranty in Louisiana?

A home warranty can help prevent sudden high repair costs for your home systems and appliances through an affordable monthly premium that covers repairs and replacements. The state’s climate and aging houses make coverage especially useful.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost in Louisiana?

The average cost of a home warranty in Louisiana is between $300 and $600 annually. Home warranty costs can vary based on location, house size, and coverage options.

How To Save Money When Shopping for Home Warranties In Louisiana?

You can save money by bundling a home warranty with existing insurance policies and asking for discounts like multi-year plans or referral bonuses when getting quotes. Checking for promotions with your home insurance provider and the home warranty provider and negotiating can reduce rates.

Is a Home Warranty Worth It for Louisiana Homeowners?

A home warranty is worth it for Louisiana homeowners because the savings on just one covered repair can outweigh the policy cost. Home warranties provide peace of mind against expensive AC, appliance, and plumbing failures common in Louisiana. 

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