This 9-Year-Old Hilariously Nails the Reality of Being a Teacher’s Kid

If you’re a seasoned TikToker, you’re well aware of the “of course” trend. “I work the night shift—of course I never know what day it is.” “We’re teachers—of course we’re trained to hold our bladders for eight hours a day.” “I’m an admin—of course I’m going to schedule a fire drill at the worst possible time.” One of our favorites in this trend? The teacher’s kid.

@l.neal is a TikTok creator, teacher, and mom to adorable Raegan—the star of this particular TikTok all about the perks and pitfalls of being a teacher’s kid.

Here’s the TikTok:

What we love about this teacher’s-kid TikTok:

  • Mrs. Neal puts her kid to work! It looks like Rae could probably teach a whole class if she needed to!
  • Raegan was clearly born to act. We love seeing kids do what they love and are good at—and parents who support it!
  • This TikTok’s follow-ups, including Part 2 (“I’m a teachers’ kid, of course the games on my iPad are educational.” LOL) and Part 3 (“I’m a teacher’s kid, of course I know the other teachers’ first names. Hi, Lori! Hi, Amanda!”).

What others are saying

The comment section is awash with validation from other teachers’ kids:

Screenshot of comment on TikTok about teacher's kid
Via TikTok

(Not going to lie—it’s still kind of thrilling as a teacher!)

Via TikTok

Some commenters shared funny observations:

Via TikTok

But plenty of responders offered additional ideas:

Via TikTok

A mass apology to all the TKs out there.

Via TikTok

No lies detected!

Via TikTok

My personal favorite!

For more content from @l.neal

Follow @l.neal on TikTok! One of her other top TikToks made me laugh out loud: the desk, cubbies, computer cords of Type A teachers versus Type B teachers. The end is so cute!

Many thanks to @l.neal for sharing this hilarious and adorable video!

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