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The Mob Wife Aesthetic Has Been Given the Hailey Bieber Treatment

It was only a matter of time until one Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber took on the trending mob wife aesthetic. The Rhode founder had been experimenting with elements of the look in the past, but now she’s taken it to the next level — and we love it.

Bieber was absolutely giving mob wife on a recent night out, and I’m not just talking about her fur coat. Her hair was pulled tightly back, save for two tendrils on either side of her face, ending in a wavy high ponytail similar to the Pamela Anderson-inspired tousled styles favored by the aspiring mob wives you’re probably seeing on TikTok these days.

The signature Bieber beauty elements we know and love were all present and accounted for, of course, including her trademark dewy “glazed donut” skin and flushed cheeks. Instead of going full maximalist with her makeup like the TikTok mob wives, Bieber kept it simple with blush and highlighter. We can’t see her eye makeup since she’s wearing shades, but the lip color is definitely mob wife-adjacent; I’d bet it’s a combo of her favorite Nyx Professional Makeup Lip Liner and the Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Raspberry Jelly or Espresso — or perhaps a combo of both!

Of course, we can’t talk about Bieber without mentioning her trendsetting nails, and her sheer, soft, barely-there French manicure definitely fits the mob wife bill. No, these are not Carmela Soprano’s chunky square-shaped French tips, but rather Bieber’s take on the trend.

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