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The Face Mask Nick and Joe Jonas Both Love

We love a man who is not afraid to share his skin-care secrets. When two come from the same family, we just know they were raised right. Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas tend to both be candid about their self-care and grooming. We recently learned that the two brothers share the same affinity for Jaxon Lane’s Bro Mask ($28).

Nick Jonas loves Bro Mask

Nick wants you to know he doesn’t like gender stereotypes, and although this brand’s marketing is catered towards men, anyone can use it. “It’s very helpful. I don’t know the science necessarily behind it, but I know that I feel a lot better after I wear this,” he tells GQ. Nick admits to stealing some of his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas’, products, and she would snag some of his in return.

A groomer Nick works with closely clued him in on Bro Mask, which was created by a husband and wife with a similar story of swapping products. “Finally, they developed this together, and I just love that it was sort of a parallel to my own life,” says Nick. “Bro Mask, for me, is the way to go…this is my essential.”

He also says it’s a great starting place for “men that perhaps do feel uncomfortable sort of taking extra care of their skin and other things because of unfortunate gender stereotypes.” Nick is a consistent advocate for self-care. “You’ll feel a lot better, you’ll look your best. It’s just good to take care of yourself—that’s the reality whether you’re a man or a woman or non-binary,” he says. “Take care of yourself, feel your best, your body will thank you.”

And so does his bro, Joe Jonas

It seems talk of the Bro Mask circulated around the Jonas family, as Joe Jonas also noted he likes the product during an interview with Allure. “The Bro Mask is great,” says Joe. He loves popping it on after a long flight when he has to wake up and go straight to work. “It’s nice to put on a face mask,” he says. “They also have eye gels ($30): it wakes you up a little bit, especially if you’re right off a plane. It’s nice to have options.”

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