The 10 Best Strategy Games of 2023!

Although, in recent years, many people have talked about the death of strategies, games of this genre continue to come out. 2023 was no exception, in which a decent number of worthy projects. Here are the top 10 best strategy games of 2023.   

1. Age of Wonders 4 

The developers of Age of Wonders 4 have successfully combined the mechanics of 4X-strategies, turn-based tactics and role-playing games. To all this was added a large-scale single-player campaign, an interesting multiplayer mode and space for creativity.

And all thanks to the main feature of the project in the form of a convenient constructor, which gives you the opportunity to create unique races. All this allows you to experiment with creatures and break the established archetypes. Where else will you find sacred orcs?

Otherwise, players will have to develop their own kingdom, fight in turn-based mode, use the abilities of heroes and, if possible, use magic or diplomacy. The choice of tactics affects the course of events and generates unique content, although if you’ve ever played the same slots, for instance, on Slotamia, you realize how important it is to think ahead in the game.

Thus, the balanced gameplay is able to challenge even veterans of the genre.  

2. Terra Nil

Strategy Terra Nil attracts with an unusual approach to gameplay. The usual order of actions from pumping out resources and building settlements is launched in reverse order. The party starts on a barren wasteland, where there is no life. It is necessary to terraform these lands and restore the ecosystem. Each level in Terra Nil is a kind of puzzle.

Many gaming authors, such as Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief in Slotamia, believe that it’s crucial to schedule your actions in games. Terra Nil is no exception. Here, it is essential to plan your moves properly and maximize the use of available resources.

At the same time, the mechanics do not drive you into rigid frameworks, but allow you to solve the problem in different ways. Non-standard concept together with beautiful views and relaxing atmosphere easily enthrall for dozens of hours. 

3. Pikmin 4 

It would seem that the strategy genre is not well suited for handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch. However, Pikmin 4 proves exactly the opposite. The project impresses not only with huge locations, where familiar things look gigantic but also with fascinating gameplay built around Pikmin.

With the help of these small creatures, you need to bypass obstacles, use different items, and fight with enemies. Cute helpers come in different types and are endowed with unique abilities. Some can swim, others freeze everything around them, and others conduct electricity. It is from their correct placement depends on whether the gamer can pass the test in the allotted time. 

4. Stronghold: Definitive Edition 

The return of the iconic strategy from the beginning of the noughties turned out to be the most worthy. The events still unfold in the Middle Ages, whereas one of the English lords, you need to raise your own state from its knees. The developers added tasks and additional scenarios, as well as updated textures and animations.

But the usual Stronghold gameplay remained untouched. Players need to maintain a good reputation, extract resources, build buildings, recruit an army and capture the territories of neighbors. There is also a well-developed system of economy and diplomacy, and combat is represented by castle sieges.

5. Dune: Spice Wars  

Shiro Games studio, which has a great Northgard on its account, has already proved that it knows the strategy genre. Then the developers took up the cult universe of Frank Herbert’s “Dune .”As a result, they got a high-quality project, carefully treating the heritage of the great source material. Dune: Spice Wars takes gamers to the unfriendly planet Arrakis.

On the global map, it is necessary to take control of one of the factions and bring it to prosperity. This can be achieved in different ways – from destroying competitors and accumulating influence to winning elections in the galactic council. The main beauty of the game lies in the variety of ways to accomplish the task and the interconnection of mechanics. 

6. Company of Heroes 3 

Relic Entertainment studio was responsible for World War II strategies this year. The third part of Company of Heroes is devoted to battles in the fields of Italy and North Africa. As always in this series, you need to capture control points, blow up fuel tanks, occupy airports, and destroy the enemy.

Despite the fact that in many aspects of the tittle became easier compared to the past parts, the passage is constantly kept in suspense. The outcome of battles depends on many factors, from the correct selection of units to the special abilities of the commander. True, it is worth considering that perfectly developed models and animations are neighbored by poor staging.

7. Total War: Pharaoh  

Pharaoh takes the franchise to the era of Ancient Egypt. The developers did not experiment, but simply took time-tested mechanics and developed them to the maximum. As a result, an excellent historical component is combined with curious ideas, such as the ability to create empires.

Well, if the authors do not forget to update it, the game may become even more interesting over time. 

8. Against the Storm 

What will happen if you combine a city-building simulator with elements of roguelike? The Eremite Games team asked themselves this question and released Against the Storm. This tittle will try on the role of the Viceroy of the Scorched Queen, who wants to subdue the power of the vast barren wastelands. Gameplay is tied to the construction of interconnected settlements.

The population of the cities consists of different fantasy nations with their skills and unique way of life. And thanks to hundreds of modifiers and various biomes, each new playthrough differs from the previous one. Though recently released from Early Access, Tittle has already earned the title of one of the best strategies of the year. 

9. Cities Skyline 2   

At the time of release, Cities Skyline 2 was destroyed by critics and low scores. This was because of the terrible technical condition, which made the game work on top-end hardware. But even in such a deplorable state in, the city-building strategy clearly saw a huge potential.

The developers took the best of the first part, added many new features, detailed internal tools, and lowered the entry threshold. Thanks to this simulator provides a huge scope for creativity, allowing you to build and bring your dream city to prosperity.

To do this, you’ll have to do a lot of planning, calculating, and confronting different elements. And what a pleasure it is when the city you built turns into a huge metropolis. 

10. Aquatico

The creation of the Digital Reef Games team is a city-building strategy, this time in the underwater world setting. In Aquatico, you are offered the opportunity to build cities with their infrastructure on the seabed and thus save civilization.

Gameplay mechanics, in general, are usual for the genre. Players need to mine resources, build futuristic buildings, explore the environment, create production chains, and pump technologies. All this allows you to noticeably increase the standard of living in such unusual conditions.

This is a great project in a calm environment, without unnecessary stress, with the construction of unusual cities.

Strategy Games article and permission to publish here provided by Adrian Tordis. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 14, 2023.

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