Shopify launches localized online stores

This week, Shopify has launched its Winter ’24 Edition, which includes more than 100 product updates to its ecommerce platform. These include features to make international selling easier. Merchants can now add a localized online store for up to 3 markets.

New features

The ecommerce software provider a Shopify Edition twice a year. It catalogs every platform update from the past six months. These include new features in product merchandising, like color swatches and a file picker where all media files on Shopify are available.

Last year, the company increased the prices of its subscription plans. With the newest updates, all subscriptions have new features as well.

Localized online stores

Merchants now have the option to start a localized store with custom markets. They can tailor their store for each market. According to Shopify, doing so will result in higher conversion. As a result, these features make cross-border selling easier for merchants.

‘You can account for regional and cultural differences per market.’

The localized store includes a tailored storefront and layout, accounting for regional and cultural differences per market. Other possibilities are currency conversion, setting prices per market, translating your content per market and using local payment methods.

Up to 3 markets

The feature is included in all pricing plans. Merchants can create 3 localized stores. And only sellers using the Advanced plan can add more markets, for almost 60 euros per market.

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