Russia Has A New EV That’s Totally Going To Destroy Tesla

Russia's Amber electric car

Photo: NEXTA/Twitter

As you can imagine, after Putin invaded Ukraine (on my birthday, no less!) and major automakers abandoned Russia as all the international sanctions rolled in, it’s been harder for Russians to get access to new cars. Don’t you worry, though, Russia isn’t going to let a little total alienation from the rest of the developed world stop it and its car industry. It can build cars itself, and they’ll be just as great as the ones it can no longer have. Take, for example, the Moscow Polytechnic University’s new electric Tesla-killer, the Amber.

As you can see from the gorgeous styling and perfect proportions, there is nothing at all that anyone could possibly say about the Amber that is negative. The rest of the world should probably just stop making cars at the point because there is no way anyone will ever come up with anything more stylish than what you’re looking at here. It’s an absolute masterpiece of design that will absolutely go down in history alongside the Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar E-Type, and Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Details on the Amber are a little scarce, but the New Voice of Ukraine reports that all of the components will be Russian-made and that the production version will be built at the Avtotor factory in Kaliningrad that previously made cars for BMW, Ford, Kia and Hyundai, so you know the quality will be top notch. Things like range, power and price are completely irrelevant at this point. Forget buying Chinese EVs or even Teslas. The Russians have clearly beaten everyone at the electric car game.

I mean, does your car have holes in the side for paddles? No? I bet you feel like a loser now. Not even the Cybertruck comes with holes in the side for paddles. And Elon Musk thinks the Cybertruck will actually be able to be a boat. Where are the paddle holes, Elon? Where? Better just give up now and see if there’s a way to license the Amber’s design because there’s no topping it.

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