Retail Franchising Could be Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success

Retail goes far beyond large department stores. From sports to hardware and pets to furniture, there are an endless list of franchise opportunities in the retail space.

With the backing of an established brand and a proven business model, the inherent risks associated with launching a new venture can be significantly diminished. Franchisees gain immediate access to brand recognition, consumer trust and an existing customer base, facilitating a smoother entry into the market. At the same time, ongoing operational support with training initiatives, marketing strategies and continuous guidance from the franchisor expedites the learning process and enhances the likelihood of success.

So if you are an aspiring retail franchisee, explore these five franchise opportunities now.

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Ace Hardware

Interested in a franchising opportunity that doesn’t include ongoing franchise or royalty fees? Consider Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware franchisees enjoy fee-free ownership while benefiting from the brand’s recognition and extensive company support. They go the extra mile by assisting their franchisees in opening new locations, converting existing hardware retail stores into Ace locations and harnessing the power of social media and SEO advertising to build a large and loyal customer base.

Plus, the established brand presence and customer base provide a head start in the market, saving time and effort in building recognition.


Founded in 1927 in Dallas, Texas, 7-Eleven is a franchise of convenience stores in the U.S. and abroad. As a franchisee, you can benefit from a brand of thousands of locations and leverage their training and support.

From operational guidance to marketing strategies, 7-Eleven is dedicated to nurturing a sense of community among its franchisees, fostering an environment where success is a collective endeavor. This commitment to collaboration and support ensures that franchisees receive the tools and resources essential for thriving in the competitive retail landscape, making the franchise an enticing opportunity for entrepreneurial spirits seeking a proven path to success.

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Pet Supplies Plus

Another great retail opportunity sits in the pet retail market. Founded in 1989, Pet Supplies Plus opened their 500th location in 2021. A Pet Supplies Plus franchise is ideal for aspiring business owners who have a passion for animals and love pets.

Pet Supplies Plus helps their franchisees set up multi-service options to increase customer retention, including curbside pickup, online ordering, pet grooming, pet adoptions and even same-day delivery.

Their commitment to becoming “America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store” extends beyond products. They seek franchisees who embody both business expertise and a genuine passion for fostering connections.


Rent-A-Center, founded in 1980, is a public rent-to-own furniture and electronics retail company. As a Rent-A-Center franchisee, you are committing to providing quality and affordable furniture and electronics to both residential and commercial customers.

You may not be an expert in furniture building or tinkering with electronics, but Rent-A-Center will provide you with all the training you need to succeed in retail.

Rent-A-Center also sets themselves apart from other businesses with their no credit needed and flexible payment plans. This way, their customers can enjoy the shopping experience, from beds and sofas to flat screen TVs, without extra hassle.

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Pro Image Sports

At Pro Image Sports, you’ll find everything a die-hard sports fan could dream of, from top-notch jerseys to unique novelty items that scream team spirit. And when you’re ready to jump into the game as a franchisee, they’re not just there for the big wins; they’ll also lend a hand with inventory management and help you pick the perfect spot to set up shop, setting you up for success in the sports retail arena.

Joining the Pro Image Sports family as a franchisee opens doors to a world of benefits. You get to tap into a proven business model backed by their years of industry experience, plus ongoing support in marketing strategies and operational guidance. It’s not just about running a store. It’s about being part of a team that’s passionate about sports and dedicated to helping you thrive in the exciting world of retail.

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