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PXG launches Black Ops, rolls out red carpet at Scottsdale National

PXG is recognized as one of the premier golf brands in the sport.

A number of PGA Tour pros stand by them, including Joel Dahmen, Zach Johnson and 2023 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Eric Cole. The same goes for the women as Solheim Cup stars Megan Khang and Celine Boutier represent, among many others.

Thursday, PXG officially launched its much anticipated Black Ops line of drivers, woods and hybrids to the general public. But they also stayed on brand. They actually offered all current and past military, veterans, and first responders early access to the brand-new Black Ops collection a week prior via the Tour of Duty soft launch.

The Black Ops clubs were recently added to the USGA’s conforming list, clearing them for use in tournament play. Cole then used them at the RSM Classic to the tune of a T3 finish.

“The new Black Ops Driver is a great blend of forgiveness and speed,” Cole said. “Switching to it, I’ve noticed more speed with solid shots, as well as with off-center strikes.”

The RSM Classic - Round Three, Eric Cole

Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images

I was lucky enough to find out exactly why so many people believe in PXG and in this line.

PXG Media Xperience

Last month, I was invited out to Arizona for the PXG Media Xperience at Scottsdale National Golf Club. In what turned out to be an incredible adventure, I was wined and dined with some incredible food, met some of the kindest people and got my hands on arguably the best golf equipment on the planet.

I didn’t wholly understand just what was in store for me at this PXG Xperience.

The villa I was put up in was stunning. The food I ate was some of the best I have ever had, especially the pork chop. The people I encountered were unbelievably kind and helpful.

This was not another run-of-the-mill brand club release.

Every year, golf club manufacturers host media members ahead of their annual club release. But no one does it like Bob Parsons and PXG. I say that quite literally, as a longtime golf writer who goes to nearly all of them used the exact words, “no one comes close.”

I knew that the PXG brand was special. After all, you won’t find their clubs in your local pro shop. There is a firm belief inside the company that everyone has their own golf swing. Therefore, a commitment to custom fitting is a signature of the PXG Xperience.

Scottsdale National Golf Club, PXG

Scottsdale National Golf Club, PXG

PXG Black Ops Custom Fitting

Shortly after arriving at Scottsdale National, I went down to the driving range. There I met Chris Reedy, one of PXG’s Master Fitters.

I was amazed at not only how knowledgeable Reedy was with the game, but the amount of time he took with me. We spent almost three hours together during the fitting.

Reedy patiently explained our process, initially handing me a 7-iron and asked me to take a few swings, with the Trackman obviously aimed at me. He detailed the importance of club head speed, ball speed, spin rate; broke down when we want spin and when we don’t. It was a crash course on golf analytics to help further my understanding of why he was doing what he was doing.

After taking about 10 shots with that 7-iron, he then switched out the club head for a lighter version. We tracked those results. He did the same with a heavier version. We then turned our attention to the shaft, trying different ones to find the perfect match for my specific swing that consistently produced the best results.

Once we found that combination from mixing and matching parts, we moved onto the newest toys: the Black Ops driver, woods and hybrids.

Hitting PXG’s Gen 6 irons was a lot of fun. I genuinely remarked how I don’t think I had ever hit a 7-iron that well in my life. But wow, the driver I then hit took on a whole new feel. Nearly every swing felt magical.

So much so that their VP of Brand Communications, Leela Brennan, wondered aloud if I had told the truth of my handicap before arriving in Arizona.

Finally, it was time to move to the putter.

As I mentioned previously, every golfer has their own swing. It’s no different when talking about putting strokes. Some people have varying degrees of arc. While others are straight back and forth.

Everyday, millions of people walk into their local pro shop, test out a driver or a putter, and say ‘yeah, this feels good. I’m going to buy this.’ What most do not realize is they might have purchased a club that not only does not fit their swing, but might literally be working against it.

What I learned from Reedy was incredibly insightful and helpful.

I gleaned why someone with a specific putting stroke, using a putter with a heavy toe-hang is already behind the 8-ball toward consistently sinking their putt.

I was then fortunate enough to have my clubs ready the following morning and played a round with Reedy at the private club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chris Reedy, PXG, Kendall Capps, Scottsdale National Golf Club

Kendall Capps with PXG Master Fitter Chris Reedy, Scottsdale National Golf Club

If you are serious about improving your game, and want to invest in it, undoubtedly the most important thing you can do is get custom fitted and there is no better place to do it than with PXG.

As incredible as that process was, it was just the tip of the iceberg of this event. I was given the opportunity to sit down with the man himself, Mr. Bob Parsons.

Bob Parsons – PXG Giving Back

The second night, I met with Parsons for a lengthy chat and covered a wide variety of topics.

I learned that his passion for the sport surprisingly did not truly kick into gear until his 30s, despite his father being a scratch golfer.

But it was the philanthropic endeavors that he and his wife, Renee, partake in that piqued my interest above all else. It was why I wrote about PXG in the first place. They are a beacon of light that does good in this world.

Bob and Renee Parsons graciously donate $1 million to a charity of their choice, every 15 days. Yes, you read that right.

“The type of organizations that we’re looking for have a good cause… are already on the ground and making a difference. But because the causes might not be so popular, they have a hard time raising money. That’s where you’ll find us.”

PXG x Nick Jonas at TRENDYGOLF, Bob Parsons, Renee Parsons

I got goosebumps as he addressed where their passion to give back came from. One such example is One in Ten, a non-profit all volunteer LGBT organization.

“When they first came to us, they weren’t able to have anybody help them. I think our first grant to them was approximately $250,000, then a half million. We started supporting them and other organizations saw we were doing that and they stepped in to help as well.”

Parsons’ giving nature has been well documented. As a former U.S. Marine who suffered from PTSD after serving in the Vietnam War, he is a large supporter of our Veteran community, hence the Tour of Duty launch.

He would go on to detail numerous ways he tries to help make a difference in people’s lives. It was touching and an absolute pleasure honor to meet and speak with Mr. Parsons.

Parsons is different, and that is exemplified at the club I was blessed to have visited.

Scottsdale National Golf Club is not your typical course. You will not find that stuffy atmosphere that exists at most other private golf clubs.

There is only one rule that Scottsdale National members must follow: No golfer shall infringe upon another members good time.

As Parsons is known for saying, “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.”

Kendall Capps is the Senior Editor of SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social platforms.

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