Our expert NFL picks for Week 16 of 2023

There’s only three weeks remaining in the NFL regular season and it’s a mad dash to the playoffs. This season has given us a whole lot of stinkers, but Week 16 is the league’s holiday gift to us.

The schedule has toss-up games across the board, but really there are two certified bangers to circle this week: Cowboys vs. Dolphins and Ravens vs. 49ers.

Dallas is trying to avoid what’s become inevitable in their recent history: Melting down right when things get important. Meanwhile Miami look, at times, like the most dominant team in the NFL — but they’re yet to beat anyone with a winning record. This game will be fascinating to watch, and likely prove which of these teams is a pretender as we approach the playoffs.

Meanwhile on Christmas Day we have Ravens vs. 49ers. This could easily be a Super Bowl preview between two of the most dominant teams in the NFL. If anyone is capable to stopping the Kyle Shanahan offense it’s Baltimore, meanwhile San Francisco has the speed on defense to contain Lamar Jackson. It’s going to be so much fun to see this one unfold.

Here are out picks for Week 16.

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