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One Line Headlines, More Headline/Description Options & Account Level Access

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Google has released three new changes to its Google Ads Responsive Search Ads. First, Google may now show a single-line headline instead of two. Second, Google now lets you associate multiple headlines and descriptions to campaigns. Third, changes to account-level automated assets.

One Line Headlines

Google’s responsive search ads can now show one headline when it’s predicted to improve your performance. As part of this change, a headline will now be eligible to show at the beginning of your description lines, Google explained. Google said that they “found that in some instances showing one headline can deliver better performance.”

Here is what the change looks like:

Google Rsa One Line Change

Google said you can see how often your ads are shown with one headline or a headline at the beginning of your description lines, you can review the combinations report. If you have assets that are pinned to headline position 1, headline position 2, or description position 1, they’ll continue to show in their designated positions when your ads serve.

Campaign Level Headlines and Descriptions

I believe we saw Google testing this a couple of weeks ago, but in any event, Google has now rolled out campaign level headlines and descriptions.

You can now have the option to associate up to three headlines and two descriptions at the campaign level. “If you need to show these assets during a specific time period, such as a sale, you’ll be able to schedule specific start and end dates for them. You’ll also have the option to pin these assets to specific positions. Once you’ve added your headlines and descriptions, they’ll be eligible to show in every responsive search ad in your campaign,” Google explained.

I have screenshots over here of that.

Account Level Automated Assets Changes

Google said that if you are opted into account-level automated assets, dynamic assets – images, sitelinks, callouts & structured snippets – they will now be eligible to show with or in place of your manually created assets when they’re predicted to improve ad performance.

Here is how Google put it:

When you’re opted in to account level automated assets, Google AI will create assets on your behalf and show them with your ad if they’re predicted to improve your performance. Previously, if you manually created image assets, sitelinks, callouts, or structured snippets, they would always serve in place of their automated counterparts. To help you deliver ads that drive more engagement, dynamic image assets, dynamic sitelinks, dynamic callouts, and dynamic structured snippets will now be eligible to show alongside, or in place of, manually created assets of the same type when they’re predicted to improve your performance. For example, even if there are four manually created sitelinks available for your ad, Google AI can now show two dynamic sitelinks alongside two manually created sitelinks if it’s predicted to help you engage with more people.

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