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Nissan Teases Secret High-Performance EV (It’s A NISMO Ariya)

A teaser image probably showing the silhouette of the 2025 Nissan Ariya NISMO

Nissan’s YouTube channel is doing an abysmal job of hiding something, likely on purpose. Visitors to the page today are greeted with a teaser promising a “new NISMO model” will be unveiled tomorrow at 1 am GMT on Friday, which is 8 pm EST on Thursday in the U.S.

The model is shown in shadow, but we’re confident it’s a Nissan Ariya electric vehicle (EV). Text beneath the image promises “the unveil of our latest electrified NISMO model.”

NISMO is Nissan’s motorsports and high-performance division. It builds faster versions of some Nissan models, including the recently released 2024 NISMO Z.

NISMO engineers have never gotten their hands on an EV before (much as we’d love to see a NISMO Leaf). The Ariya is an excellent candidate for their services, however. Reviewers love its roomy cabin, but its ride is more serene than pulse-pounding.

Electric cars can be tuned to extreme performance thanks to the instant-torque nature of electric motors. Gasoline engines build power gradually, like turning on lights with a dimmer switch. Even the fastest gasoline engine has a torque curve – power delivery that starts low and builds over several seconds.

Electric motors are like light switches – their power is available the moment they activate. So a high-horsepower electric motor can make a lightning-quick car out of even…well… a midsize SUV like the Ariya.

We’ll have more details after the unveiling.

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