Next-generation Apple CarPlay coming to Porsche and Aston Martin

Apple’s next-generation CarPlay interface debuts in 2024 with greater scope for automaker customization. Porsche and Aston Martin will be the first brands to get it, Car and Driver reports.

First shown in 2022, this new version of Apple CarPlay won’t be limited to a vehicle’s central touchscreen. Instead, it will take over the entire dashboard, including the instrument cluster. It also allows for multiple templates and detail variations to tailor the interface to specific brands.


Aston Martin next-generation Apple CarPlay interface

Aston Martin next-generation Apple CarPlay interface

Porsche, for example, will have a display with a trio of circular gauges mimicking the traditional layout of its instrument clusters, as well as background wallpaper that looks like the automaker’s distinctive houndstooth seat pattern.

Aston Martin, in contrast, will reportedly use a digital instrument cluster layout with a rectangular information box sandwiched between a circular speedometer and tachometer. The latter will have “Handbuilt in Great Britain” text.

iOS 16 next-generation Apple CarPlay preview

iOS 16 next-generation Apple CarPlay preview

The latest version of CarPlay still relies on a connected iPhone to share app-related data, but integration with the instrument cluster will be made possible by a secure connection that allows CarPlay to communicate in real time with in-vehicle systems. So things like speed, rpm, and fuel level can be displayed alongside app-based information.

Aston Martin plans to roll out next-generation CarPlay with a new infotainment system debuting in 2024. Porsche hasn’t given a firm timeline, but in the meantime it’s launching an updated My Porsche app that allows drivers to adjust some vehicle functions without exiting CarPlay—fixing one of the main issues with the current system. The first model to support this capability is the updated 2024 Porsche Cayenne.

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