Microsoft May Extend Bing Chat’s Memory / History

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When Microsoft first launched its Bing Chat Personalized Answers, Microsoft said the history/memory would be based on 90 days of chat history. However, some chat users noticed it was going beyond the 90 days. In fact, Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, said they plan to extend it beyond the 90 days.

Mikhail Parakhin wrote on X “We keep those for 90 days currently and plan to expand.”

A chat user wrote, “It seems that older conversations are no longer available. For example, I wanted to review a chat from December 1, but I could not find it. However, in August, I was able to access a chat from June. Is this a bug or a feature?”

Mikhail Parakhin responded, “so might be a technical issue. I forwarded to the team.”

Here are those posts:

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