Michael Bublé says he was tripping on mushrooms at the NHL All-Star Game draft

It’s NHL All-Star Weekend in Toronto and Michael Bublé is already getting buck wild and talking about shrooms. Yes, you read that correctly.

Bublé, a celebrity co-captain for the All-Star Game, was alongside Will Arnett to discuss how he used his love of fantasy hockey to assemble his team. Then he started talking about how he took too many shrooms, losing his sponsors, and well …

Thursday night was the All-Star draft. The format this year is to have four celebrity co-captains draft their teams alongside NHL stars, with the four teams then playing three-on-three games to decide the winner.

Bublé might have been joking, but goodness he sounded quite genuine, when he said a friend of his gave him (what he called) a “microdose” of mushrooms prior to the draft, which hit Bublé extra hard — leaving him to not even fully comprehend that he was all the All -Star game until he started to come down.

Arnett quipped that Bublé destroyed his status as a sex symbol by admitting his love of fantasy hockey, while Bublé said his sponsorship deals probably don’t love the fact he just admitted to doing shrooms.

If this somehow leads to fallout then at least there’s always “Hamm and Bublé” to fall back on.

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