Mesotox Is The Needle-Free Facial Treatment To Know That Tightens Skin and Delivers Glow

Ever heard of Mesotox? I have to admit it was a new term to me, until I tried the Mesotox treatment facial devised by renowned facialist Vaishaly, who is famed for her skin perfecting treatments and healing hands (more on this later).

The treatment draws on a combination of two injectable therapies – Botox, the muscle-freezing, skin-smoothing toxin, and Mesotherapy, the glow boosting treatment which involves injections of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and amino acids into the skin’s upper layers. Yet in contrast, the Mesotox treatment is needle-free – so I was intrigued.

My previous relationship with injectable treatments – such as Botox – has been mixed, from loving the upsides of a smoother forehead and zero frown lines, to not loving the often painful needle application and the occasional downside of my brows drooping. As a fan of non-invasive treatments, with great options including LED light therapy, laser and radiofrequency treatments such as Emface all giving visible and long lasting skin results, this injectable-free option sounded appealing – and I was all in for trying this new hybrid.

The Mesotox treatment is available on its own (30 minutes) or as part of Vaishaly’s Signature Facial (90 minutes), which I would recommend for the full experience. This includes a deep cleanse, her magic lymphatic massage techniques and her unique cranial sacral therapy work, in which she is trained.

For me, this was a deep and intense experience before we even got to the main show of the Mesotox. I arrived somewhat shattered and stressed out amidst planning a big event, so I quickly melted into her couch in a deep state of relaxation as she started the massage. And as she moved on to the cranial sacral therapy (which stimulates the release of tension and energy in the body), I had an almost out of body experience. As I drifted off, I felt as if I was hovering above my body looking back down on myself. Not an uncommon sensation, apparently, with energy release work – but one that was unusual to me and also truly memorable!

With the massage complete, next up was the Mesotox – and after assessing my skin’s state and needs, Vaishaly mixed up a bespoke blend of Botox, hyaluronic acid and vitamins to target fine lines, dehydration, skin texture and appearance. She worked over my face, applying the bespoke blend topically with a small vial that gently pricks the surface of the skin to aid the absorption. The sensation is on par with microneedling.

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