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LinkedIn unveils enhanced audience insights & predictive analytics

LinkedIn launched a new solution for enhanced audience insights, making it easier to predict and improve potential campaign performance.

With the platform’s new Media Planning API, you can use real-time data signals to assess the expected reach and frequency of campaigns before allocating any budget.

Why we care. A clearer understanding of a campaign’s potential performance enables more informed, data-driven decisions on the optimal media mix, timing, and frequency for achieving the best ROI.

Audience insights: LinkedIn’s Media Planning API provides detailed data on user demographics, job roles, industries, and online behaviors for more precise ad targeting.

Budget allocation: Media Planning API can also be used to identify your most effective advertising strategies so that you can allocate budgets appropriately and maximize ROI.

Planning capabilities: Agencies can integrate LinkedIn’s data with their own tools and analytics for more strategic and informed media planning decisions.

Accessibility. If you’re interested in accessing LinkedIn’s Media Planning API, you will need to contact your agency development lead or LinkedIn sales representative. 

What LinkedIn is saying. Lynn Bader, Senior Director, Agency Development & Global Marketer Education, said in a statement:

  • “With media planning on LinkedIn, agencies can not only optimize their advertising strategies but also demonstrate the value of these strategies.”
  • “This ability to showcase tangible results is often the key to securing increased investment in specific platforms.”
  • “By providing concrete forecasted data on how different scenarios and strategies perform, our API empowers agencies to make a compelling case for their media choices.”

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Deep dive. Read LinkedIn’s announcement in full for more information.

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