JP Morgan VP Calls Out ‘Nightmarish’ Caste Discrimination In Gujarat’s GIFT City

In a series of posts, a Vice President at JP Morgan called out about how he faced caste discrimination in Gujarat International Finance Tec (GIFT)-City’s residential building. According to Kejriwal, he was not allowed to buy a flat in the city “due to caste”.

What Did JP Morgan’s VP Say?

On February 25th, Anirudh Kejriwal made his first post about the situation writing in a thread how he was “Shocked to face blatant caste discrimination in Sant Vihar 1 Society, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. My attempt to buy a flat turned into a nightmare as society’s management is barring my entry due to caste.”

He further added “My concerns were confirmed when the society’s chairman and management openly stated their refusal to allow people from ‘other’ castes to move in. In the heart of Gujarat, this open discrimination left me in disbelief.”

Anirudh wrote how “The situation escalated quickly with nearly 30 people gathering, threatening me with dire consequences if I proceeded. They demanded proofs of ancestry and caste, to which, under pressure, I complied, hoping for a resolution.”

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In another post from the same day, Anirudh further commented how “It’s deeply disheartening to face such blatant caste discrimination in Gujarat’s capital, a state that should lead by example for India’s progress.

What’s more shocking is that this discrimination persists irrespective of one’s background, affecting even those not considered a minority or belonging to scheduled castes. This incident isn’t just a personal setback; it’s a stark reminder of the societal barriers that still exist. It challenges the vision of an inclusive and progressive India we all strive for.”

Anirudh in another post wrote a long comment about how he chose Gujarat after moving from Mumbai over Singapore since he was impressed by the GIFT city and all that it promised but it resulted in a ‘nightmare’.

He wrote “After living in Mumbai for years, I decided to move to Gujarat, choosing it over an opportunity in Singapore. I was captivated by the promise of GIFT City and the grand vision our PM and government laid out for us. It inspired me so much that I took a big step and decided to buy my first house here, dreaming of a future filled with hope and growth.

But, my excitement has turned to heartbreak. I’m facing unexpected challenges with my dream home, barred from moving in, not because of anything I’ve done, but because I wasn’t born Gujarati. Worse yet, I’m warned that even if I manage to get in, happiness will be out of reach, and troubles will follow. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Choosing Gujarat, leaving behind my life in Mumbai and the chance to move to Singapore, I never thought I’d face such discrimination. This experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. The pain of facing such open casteism, in a place I chose with hope, is indescribable.”

Many users also showed support for Kejriwal’s posts with one writing “I’m not surprised, despite all the claims of modernity the thinking of many people here is extremely backward. Caste-based discrimination is rampant in the real estate market”.

While another said “…This is one of the sad realities of staying in Gujarat! Hope you and your family are fine!”

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