JetBlue Announces New In-flight Tech Updates

JetBlue’s latest in-flight entertainment updates can involve your whole travel crew.

On Wednesday, the airline announced updated entertainment options that include a “Watch Party” feature where a traveler and up to five other passengers can watch the same movie or television show at the same time.

To access the “Watch Party” feature, travelers select the program they desire to watch, and then have the option to play it individually at their seat, or create a watch party with other travelers. A seat map displays the other seats, and a host can invite them to join. The feature may be helpful for families traveling together; or friends looking to share an entertainment experience before landing at their destination.

The program also allows for pause/play, and fast forward/rewind of the program so that the viewing stays consistent for everyone. 

“Watch Party” is just one of the new features announced as part of the “Blueprint by JetBlue” release which also includes personalized recommendations for what to watch, and a “pick up where where you left off” function on programs you recently viewed. The new entertainment system will also display a passengers’ preferred name as a welcome message on the seatback screens. 

“By launching Blueprint by JetBlue, we are doubling down on our commitment to help customers create an inflight experience tailored to their needs and preferences, making their flight as comfortable as their own living rooms,” JetBlue’s Head of Marketing and Customer Support Jayne O’Brien said in the release.

JetBlue currently offers a variety of in-flight amenities such as ‘Fly-Fi’, free, high-speed Wi-Fi on every plane. The airline also offers the streaming service Peacock, and live television in the seat back monitor for free as well. JetBlue has been steadily expanding service around the world including new routes to Dublin, Tulum, and Amsterdam.

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