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Jacob Elordi and Austin Butler’s Groomer Shares Her Top Tips

Welcome to the world of men’s grooming, where the magic happens behind the scenes—often in the skilled hands of grooming experts like Amy Komorowski. With nearly two decades dedicated to the art of men’s grooming, Komorowski has become a sought-after name in the industry, trusted by A-list clients such as Adam Driver, Austin Butler, Bradley Cooper and Jacob Elordi.

As she dives into the unique realm of men’s grooming, Komorowski sheds light on the often-overlooked nuances of the craft. “With men’s grooming, we don’t get a lot of recognition. A lot of people think it’s just a little bit of anti-shine, powder or moving the hair a bit. But it’s actually skin, makeup and hair…so we’re covering all sides of the trade,” she explains.

Showcased among her Rolodex, Komorowski’s coveted technique involves making her clients appear effortlessly groomed. “It almost looks like they did it themselves, but in reality, it’s a half-hour to an hour-long process of skin care, makeup, hair grooming, cleaning up of facial hair, sideburns, and giving them a hair trim if needed.”

Perhaps the most challenging part of her craft is keeping things traceless. “My clients can’t hide behind foundation, rouge or lipstick,” she says. “You see the hair and the skin, so your technique has to be on point.” Ahead, a peek into the very technique sought after by the best in Hollywood.

Adam Driver – Venice Film Festival 
“A combination of the humidity in the air and the boat rides to the red carpet help to create the perfect subtle waves in the hair.“
(Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)


Unlike female clients who often have a general familiarity with makeup, men frequently rely on Komorowski as their expert guide. The groomer says the under-eye is a common area of concern for men, and that achieving a balance is key. “The under-eye tends to be a problem area with men. You don’t want to put too much makeup under the eyes, because it will immediately read like makeup. You want to see a little bit of that darkness.”

Komorowski’s arsenal of go-to products reflects her discerning taste. “I love Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, and I cut it with Jillian Dempsey’s Mixturizer. I really like Laura Mercier’s powders. Boy De Chanel Concealers are great—they’re a little bit on the drier side and they don’t move. I also love the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream. It comes in a pot, and you swirl it around. I like to go around the forehead and across the face. That adds a really nice, natural bronzy look.”

Jacob Elordi – Priscilla Press Day
“I went for a more casual, undone look for daytime press with lots of waves, texture and that ‘bed head’ tousled look.“
(NBC/Getty Images)

Skin Care

Crafted by Komorowski and fellow celebrity groomer Barbara Guillaume, CIRCA 1970 was born to simplify skin care. “Our oil does it all: Preps the skin, feels amazing and brings a Zen moment,” she says. A luxe blend of frankincense, sandalwood and clary sage sets the tone for the day. “As a men’s groomer, we really are the first people that our clients typically see on work days and it’s an important, sacred space.”

Skin Staples

very quickly, so time is of the essence. In Komorowski’s skin-care kit: supercharged formulas that deliver quick, noticeable results.

1 / 4

La Mer Crème de la Mer ($200)

“If the skin needs a little bit more spot nourishment, I love this. I get asked a lot for this cream by clients; they love how nourishing it is.”

BUY NOW – $200

3 / 4

111SKIN Eye Masks ($115 for eight)

“Guys love eye masks because they’re relaxing and feel good. Eye masks really do liven up the under-eye area and make it a little brighter, which is something men usually struggle with.”


4 / 4

La Mer The Lip Balm ($80)

“Guys really love that this balm has a satin finish and they love the way it kind of ‘tastes.’ My specific clients have their own lip balms, which I label.”

BUY NOW – $80

Austin Butler – TIME 100 Gala
“His classic lived-in, effortless vibe with lots of shine and piece-y texture.“
(Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)


“My clients usually come in with dry hair, so I’ll wet their hair with a prep spray. Then I’ll blow-dry with a diffuser, which I use a lot. I have guys like The Jonas Brothers with curly hair, so that helps create the waves and curls and bends. Depending on their hair, you’ll have to alter your products. For example, you would never use a matte paste on someone with drier hair; you need something that adds shine.”

Hair Helpers

While Komorowski finds herself carrying “a lot of product” in her kit, there are a handful of formulas and tools she finds herself gravitating towards time and time again.

5 / 11

Oribe Foundation Mist ($32)

“I love to start any style with this. It conditions, adds shine and allows me to distribute other products to the hair evenly.”

BUY NOW – $32

11 / 11

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 ($50)

“Guys always request this. You can take down a beard really quickly, you can use it on dry skin and it won’t irritate the skin, you can clean up the neck really quickly.”

BUY NOW – $50

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