IT Company’s Extraordinarily Rude Rejection Email Draws Flak

Elite Software Automation, a Texas-based private IT consulting firm, had made an enemy of thousands of Reddit users with its extraordinarily rude rejection email to a candidate. 

What Led To This Mishap? 

This rejection email has gone viral on social media for its needlessly aggressive tone and rude words. It was sent to an applicant who had given a test for the position of Frontend Software Engineer by the US-based IT company, Elite Software Automation. 

The email begins by thanking the candidate for showing interest in the position and informs them that their application has been rejected because of their failure to clear the online automated test. So far, so good? Isn’t it? 

The mail then proceeds to warn the candidate that they will be permanently blacklisted if they try to re-apply for the position before the end of the year or write to the company for a second chance. 

Any repeated attempts to apply for this position again before this time, or any attempts to retake the test will lead to an automated decline of your application, as well as blacklisting of your profile from any further applications,” stated the mail. 

The company further wrote in the email, “If you were feeling unwell on the day of the test, or if you were rushing, or if your internet went out, or whatever other excuse you may have, it does not matter.”

The only case in which it would allow the candidate to give a re-test would be when the online test platform itself experienced a glitch. “This is an extremely rare circumstance and only 0.0169 had this happen,” they said. 

The last paragraph of the email agreed that the tone of it could have upset the candidate. However, the company justified itself by stating, “If you are upset at this email, we have to inform you that life is hard and part of any professional or personal development is dealing with rejection and finding ways to improve.”

“You were provided an opportunity to show your abilities in a blind and fair test that is the same for all candidates and that is focused on nothing but skills and abilities. You have failed to score high enough at this test. Instead of blaming us, you should examine what you can do to improve those abilities and skills. Maybe you could use this self-reflection to improve and make your life better. We certainly wish the best for you,” concluded the harsh mail.

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How Did The People React To This?

A screenshot of this extraordinarily aggressive email was shared on the Reddit forum “antiwork”, where it has gone viral, fetching nearly 20,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments, which were largely negative.

Jesus Christ, I would make sure to apply again just to make sure I GET blacklisted by this excuse of a company,” commented a shocked Reddit user.

So companies no longer wait you to be hired to show how toxic they are,” expressed a second.

Seriously, this is like a walking red flag, imagine how they treat their actual employees,” said another.

That’s honestly the hardest rejection letter I’ve ever seen,” wrote a fourth. 

How To Deal With Rejections?

Searching for a job can turn out to be a disheartening experience, one that you might not want to remember. Rejections are part of the job seeking process. Sometimes, the company does express gratitude for the candidate’s interest in a position there and also includes some feedback on how the candidate can improve.

It is also not uncommon to not hear back after applying. However, that is never the end of the road. Rejection by one company does not mean all doors are closed. 

During such times, do not panic. Formulate a better strategy and work on your weak points. Go out for a walk or rejuvenate yourself. Maybe your opportunity is tomorrow.

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