Investigative Report On Influencer Jay Shetty Reveals Plagiarism, Shady Credentials

Jay Shetty, a popular influencer, life coach, British podcaster, and more is once more under scrutiny under allegations of plagiarism, shady claims from his school and fabricating or exaggerating certain parts of his past and life.

The Guardian, in an in-depth investigation into all the claims Shetty has made found many things that cast doubt on his credibility and position.


This is not the first time that Shetty has been exposed, since internet influencer Nicole Arbour had also done an expose on him in August of 2019. Arbour had accused Shetty of one of the things the report revealed about the so-called monk plagiarising content for his own social media and website.

She’d also stated that he would simply copy and paste entire quotes word for word and just replace the original person’s name with his own.

The report claims that Arbour had many people reach out to her after the video, people who claimed that Shetty had copied their content or taken it without giving any credit. She said “They sent email after email begging him to take [his posts] down or at least credit them, and he just didn’t,” and that it was “pretty upsetting to me.”

The report also pointed out that several of the influencer’s “’original’ videos were based on pre-existing parables and social media posts that had gone viral years earlier.”

After Arbour’s video went viral Shetty is said to have deleted over 100 posts, hired a crisis PR firm and now attributes his content to the original creators, however, without receiving permission from them in the first place.

Shady Credentials Of Life Coach Program

Another thing the report touched upon was the legitimacy of Shetty’s life-coaching program run by the Jay Shetty Certification School which at a lump sum of $7,400, claims to give accreditation and university partnerships.

As per the investigation though it seems that claims might be misrepresented and that program is neither regulated by the government bodies mentioned in it nor do the universities confirm to any official association with Shetty’s school.

As per the report, the school’s brochure said “As OTHM qualifications are approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), Jay Shetty Certification School students are also eligible to progress to a top-up degree, master’s program, or MBA at many universities in the UK and overseas with advanced standing.”

However, Ofqual, in charge of regulating all school exams in England denied this claim and a spokesperson said they would contact the school to get “references to Ofqual removed from their website”.

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Shetty’s lawyers tried to spin this around that while Ofqual doesn’t approve, it is an “OTHM Approved Center”, and tried to connect it to how OTHM is Ofqual approved which would make students “eligible to progress” to select programs “with advanced standing”.

However, here too OTHM clarified that “Ofqual do not recognise Jay Shetty – the Centre is not linked to any OTHM Ofqual-regulated Qualifications”.

Mark Barlow, the chief marketing and communications officer at the University of Chichester, told The Guardian that “We have never worked with Jay Shetty Certification School,” and that “I’m very unhappy that we are included on the website. We are unsure why we are being mentioned. We will immediately be making contact to get our name taken off.”

Fabricated Past?

The report touched upon Jay Shetty’s life story which has often been used by him as an inspirational move but how many people close to him question this life-altering religious awakening he went through as well as how much time he spent in India.

Furthermore, it also touched upon his dubious association of his with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) organisation and how he mostly tries to keep it out of the limelight.

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