“I Am Not Malala, I Am Safe In My Country,” Kashmiri Activist Gives Powerful Speech In UK

Yana Mir, a Kashmiri activist and journalist, has gained nationwide fame after her speech at the UK Parliament went viral, especially her remarks where she said she is not Malala, referring to Malala Yousafzai the famous activist and the youngest-ever recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

Malala was shot in the head in 2012 by the Taliban after she spoke out against the ban on girls’ education by the group which became global news with everyone hailing the young girl for standing up against wrong. Malala then shifted to the United Kingdom, went to the University of Oxford and became a Nobel laureate at the age of 17.

What Did The Kashmiri Activist Say?

Yana Mir, a Kashmiri activist and journalist, was present at the ‘Sankalp Divas’ event organised by the Jammu and Kashmir Study Centre UK (JKSC) held at the British Parliament.

Mir a member of the Jammu and Kashmir Youth Society was given the Diversity Ambassador Award at the event for her work in promoting diversity in J&K and during her keynote address she talked about how J&K has improved since the abolishing of Article 370, security, funding and more. However, her speech went viral after she stated that she was not like Malala Yousafzai.

Yana Mir was born in the Anantnag region of Kashmir and did college studies at Delhi University and Mumbai College respectively.

Mir is known for her YouTube channel ‘Yana Mir’ which has over 20 lakh subscribers and also being a senior anchor at Bharat Express, a Hindi news channel as well as having been a TED Talk speaker.

The Kashmiri YouTuber has been a strong advocate for women and youth in Kashmir, working with NGOs for their progress.

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In recent news, Yana since her arrival back to India posted about how she was given rude treatment by the customs officials over her luggage. In a post made on X/Twitter she posted a video with the caption “What I said in London about India: I am FREE AND SAFE IN INDIA. How I was welcomed back to India: Madam, scan your bag, open your bag, why do you have Louis Vuitton shopping bags? Did you pay for them? Where are the bills???? What Londoners think of me: INDIAN MEDIA WARRIOR. What Delhi customs thinks of me: Brand Smuggler.”

Delhi Customs however, has denied her allegations and said “Bag scanning of international passengers is done routinely. While other paxs put their luggage inside the scanner without any fuss. Ms. Yana Mir felt needlessly offended.

Staff remained courteous throughout. Privileges are not above law. Footage tells the story. Ms. Yana Mir didn’t cooperate at all when requested to get her bags scanned. Her luggage was ultimately picked up by airline staff and Customs officer for scanning as seen in the footage.”

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