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The nature of banks is a very sensitive one in the country, with most not really having the best reputation. It is believed, not entirely wrongly though, that banks while being extremely strict and heavy on rules with the common people are more than happy to overlook them when powerful or rich people are involved.

In such a scenario, a post by a Jammu & Kashmir cop has been going viral where he alleged that the HDFC bank has a policy that doesn’t give loan to policemen.

What Did The Police Officer Say?

On 19th December 2023, a police officer called Imtiyaz Hussain from Jammu and Kashmir posted on his X/Twitter account claiming that he “Applied for personal loan in @HDFC_Bank. Was shocked to know that they don’t provide loans to policemen as a policy. It is so hurtful and insulting to know.

The men in Khaki who toil day and night in service of our great nation being treated like this should be unacceptable to every citizen.”

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HDFC was quick to respond to Imtiyaz’s post writing “Hi Imtiyaz, we would like to clarify that there is no such policy. Many policemen across the country are our esteemed customers, having availed loans from us. We are sorry about your experience and will be in touch with you regarding the issue faced.”

However, it seems that Imtiyaz is not the only one who feels that loans are being given or not given based on certain professions.

User @sushantsareen commented, “Don’t feel bad…banks avoid not just cops but also journalists and lawyers, sometimes also for credit cards.”

Another user @Mohansinha wrote “Journalists and lawyers too. I was refused a car loan 20 years back even though my company had an account there and I had a salary account there! They took signed cheques from me, made me wait two weeks, called me to the bank, and then I heard them talking loudly that they don’t give loans to journalists!”

User @prafful_sarda replied writing “Lawyers also rejected with unsecured loans! The reason they give is : अगर पैसा नहीं भरा तो वसूली कैसे होगी ? कौन करेगा? (If the money is not paid then how will the recovery be done? Who will do it?)”

One user @vineetkaul did comment that although such a policy is not possible however the bank could still be denying a loan to certain people.

He wrote “Banks can’t have a policy like that Imtiaz bhai. If they have, I dont think @RBI would take it kindly. They just chickened out because of legacy mindset that they can’t recover money from law enforcement officers. All they should be doing is looking at your banking relationship, CBIL score and that is it. On the flip side, just imagine what they must be doing for recovery, from ordinary folks.”

Several people also claimed that although it’s highly doubtful that there is actually such a policy in place, but still certain perceptions and prejudices about some professions could be interfering with people from that sector getting a loan. Things like corruption, extortion and fear of inability to pay back loans are some of the things that users commented on the post being the cause of a loan denial.

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