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Honda 0 Series: 2024 CES | The Daily Drive

New line of EVs set to launch in 2026.

Honda o Series Space-Hub
Honda o Series Space-Hub Concept

CESAt the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Honda debuted a pair of concept vehicles that will mark a new line of electric vehicles slated to go on sale globally starting in 2026. Called the “0 (zero) Series,” the two models shown by the Japanese automaker include a car dubbed Saloon and a van called the Space-Hub.

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Honda 0 Series

The vehicles were designed from the ground up under the banner of “thin, light, and wise,” according to company CEO Toshihiro Mibe. Thin refers to the platform, which has a low floor to enhance aerodynamic performance. Light includes the drivetrain and packaging, which the automaker is touting with high-density batteries and something they dub “e-Axle” to maximize power and efficiency within a less-weighty framework. Wise comprises how the vehicle will operate and the ways owners will interact with them, including steer-by-wire control; their latest autonomous driving tech; and revamped instruments and controls with an emphasis on simple operation.

Honda o Series Saloon Concept
Honda o Series Saloon Concept

While nothing was said about their projected driving range, the 0 Series’ battery tech is being designed to minimize degradation over time, with the goal being to maintain 90 percent or more of the original capacity after 10 years. They will also support fast charging that could allow the battery to go from 15 to 80 percent in as few as 10-15 minutes.

Honda plans for a vehicle based on the Saloon to be sold in North America. The same can’t be said of the Space-Hub, at least for now. While the company wasn’t specific, the van will likely appear more or less everywhere else on earth. As usual, expect pricing and availability to be fully confirmed closer to the projected 2026 on-sale date.

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Honda o Series Space-Hub
Honda o Series Space-Hub Concept

CG Says:

The 0 Series concepts look radical to be sure, and there’s no doubt the company will significantly tone down the production models. We’re disappointed that the Space-Hub will not be coming to North America. Honda’s Odyssey minivan has seen a resurgence in the market with calendar 2023 sales up a massive 57 percent over the same period in 2022. An electric version based on the Space-Hub could potentially do quite well in North America if the range ends up decent and it’s priced right.

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Honda o Series Saloon Concept
Honda o Series Saloon Concept

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