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Hilary Duff Says This Eye Cream ‘Immediately Brightened’ Her Dark Circles

Giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the SkinCeuticals Skin Lab in Santa Monica, actor and singer Hilary Duff is taking the plunge into customized anti-aging skin care. In an Instagram post yesterday, Duff documented her trip, where she received a customized skin-care plan with a regimen of products to work into her routine, guided by an on-site dermatologist consultation to meet Duff’s needs.

“I’m 36, so obviously I’m wanting anti-aging,” Duff says. “I’m fine with aging, but I want to look my best!”

After she’s back at home, all cozy in a hot pink cardigan, Duff explains that there was one product that she immediately fell in love with.

“One of my biggest takeaways was the A.G.E. Advanced Eye for Dark Circles ($116),” Duff says, holding the small glass jar. “I am obsessed with this. It’s super velvety and moisturizing and it has immediately brightened my dark circles.”

The fragrance-free formula is backed by Proxylane, a moisturizing and skin-plumping ingredient derived from beechwood, as well as key peptides that are targeted towards reducing 10 visible signs of aging. Aside from brightening dark circles, A.G.E. Eye also improves firmness, smoothness and improves tone, all while reducing visible wrinkles and crepiness. Designed to treat the delicate skin of this area, this formula is safe for twice-daily use and works best for normal, dry and combination skin.

BUY NOW – $116

“I really can’t get enough,” Duff says, applying the cream. “Look at how smooth my under eye looks.”

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