Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update February 14th and 15th

Google Algorithm Update Rocks Crashing

I see signs of another unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update that kicked off yesterday and is rolling into today. The SEO chatter within the SEO industry started yesterday and has only escalated today, while the Google volatility tracker tools are mostly all picking up big swings today.

The last unconfirmed update we covered was on February 7th and 8th and then January 23rd and 24th. As a reminder, I have this tool named Was There A Google Update to help you find if there was an update when you saw a traffic decline.

Maybe a lot of this volatility is from featured snippets disappearing? That has to be a bug, right?

We are all waiting for the next big Google confirmed update to touch down – is this it? Will Google launch something officially today?

SEO Chatter

Let’s start with the chatter from within the SEO community that I am reading both at WebmasterWorld and deep inside the comments here:

Since Monday it’s been rocky…increases in visibility for some terms and drops for others. Much worse traffic compared to last week. Yesterday ended down -21% on searches, -37% for UK traffic. Once again traffic to my home page is obliterated…-60% this morning. Google is loading every search up with 4 paid ads, then a “people also ask” box. My competitors are running ads for my own brand name and they are loaded at the top of even searches for my brand. USA and Canada traffic are perpetually sluggish.

I don’t understand what is going on. For 2 days, all my posts that disappeared suddenly popped and got back to their position, then again disappeared. I haven’t don’t anything, not rewrting the old posts etc.

Traffic has been horrible lately. Virtually dead. Don’t know what’s going on, but seems like everyone is feeling the pain right now.

Yes, today traffic was down 70 %. It’s teribble.

50% traffic down today 😣😣😡😡📉

Some moderate shuffling all day in the legal sector. It’s normally pretty stable unless there’s a legit update of some kind.

Of course so far no real change on an HCU impacted site, but all around it there’s a lot of volatility happening today. It’ll be interesting to see where things end up when the dust settles.

there has to be. traffic has been pitiful today (not in the legal sector). oddly, i’ll check keyphrases that typically drive traffic and i’m still ranking, if not improved in some cases. i’m checking in private mode and vpn. i don’t get it.

Sometimes I think things have stabilized, then days like today manage to go even lower. Whatever they are doing is clearly doubling down on what’s broken, not fixing it.

I see some changes in the SERPs today. Hard to know what is going on. A bunch of shuffling.

I had a great day on Monday. Traffic up, sales up, seemed like some of my rankings improved. All gone yesterday and today. So messed up.

Wake up to the lowest numbers I’ve seen in years. Just what in the absolute F is going on????

Same here. Traffic Is super down today in Germany

Google Tracking Tools:

Here is what the tracking tools are showing right now, I will update them later today as some of the tools continue to update:



Advanced Web Rankings:








Cognitive SEO:












Are you guys noticing anything big going on with the Google Search results over the past 24-hours? Let us know, as you always do, in the comments or in the forums!

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