Google Search Algorithm Ranking Volatility January 9th & 10th

Google Algorithm Explosion

For the past several unconfirmed Google Search ranking algorithm updates that we covered, those were almost all reported over the weekend. Now I am seeing search ranking volatility in the middle of a work week. I am seeing signs of an unconfirmed update starting off Tuesday, January 9th and today, Wednesday, January 10th.

Again, it is a bit unusual to see a spike in ranking volatility during a work week, as opposed to starting off on a Friday and through the weekend.

I am now seeing signs of an update kicking off on yesterday and today. But just to show you the previous Google updates, here they are and they were all on the weekend:

Here is what I am seeing over the past couple of days…

SEO Chatter

Let’s start with the chatter I am seeing within the SEO community. Keep in mind, it is less than 24-hours, so the chatter is still new. The chatter is both at WebmasterWorld and the comments here:

Traffic has been very weak since yesterday.

I notice intense movement in the SERPs. Lots of volatility. Something going on…

Seeing same as well. A lot of my articles have dropped out of the serps / lost a lot of main keyword rankings they were on before but still ranking for one or two sub keywords

Anyone experiencing a drop in traffic today?

Rankings are slightly better than they were in December if anything, but traffic is disappearing for hours on end again. Something’s not right!

Traffic and Conversions have been rubbish for a while, but the last few days we have noticed a sudden pattern on our uk sites. Traffic and conversions are almost coming to a complete standstill at around 5pm ??

Today is very slow again and I’m pretty sure they did something again.

Was just going to post something similar. Holidays are over, sales should be flying… but they’re not. Slight ranking improvements to boot.

Anyone else noticed blips like this 4th and 6th Jan. Today is looking like the same too so far.

Google Tracking Tools

Here are what the tracking tools are showing, some are not yet updated for the day, so I may come in later today and update some of these charts:







Cognitive SEO:


Advanced Web Rankings:












Are you guys noticing anything big going on with the Google Search results over the past 24-hours?

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