Five Guys Slammed for High Prices, Receipt Goes Viral

Several burger restaurants have been getting heat on social media for recent price hikes, and the latest to come under fire is the popular chain, Five Guys.

An image of a customer’s receipt is going viral on X and has received over 25.2 million views so far, according to the platform.

“Five Guys prices are out of control,” the user @WallStreetSilv wrote on top of a photo of a $24.10 receipt for one person that featured a $12.49 bacon cheeseburger and a $5.19 order of small fries with a drink and sales tax.

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“I guess I was expecting about $12 to $15 per person for Five Guys,” the user wrote. “What is the right amount these days?”

Viewers were shocked at the total, complaining that prices of fast food chains have reached an “unattainable” high.

“5 dollars for a small fry is highway robbery,” one user said. “It’s literally just a potato and some salt. Cost them a quarter to make.”

“This is why I no longer go to Five Guys, not because I can’t afford it but because you need to draw the line at some point,” another said.

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According to MoneyGeek, the average price of a Five Guys meal in 2022 was $19.95.

In a recent interview, the Director of Operations-APAC at Five Guys International, Iain Ross-Mackenzie, explained that higher prices were due to the company using fresh ingredients.

“We want to put control back in the consumer’s pocket,’ Iain said. “Nothing is frozen. We only ever use fresh ingredients.”

Earlier this year, McDonald’s was criticized for raising prices, and rival chain Wendy’s revealed that it would be experimenting with a “dynamic” pricing model.

Five Guys did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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