Firm and Brighten Skin in Two Weeks

For those with mature skin, it may feel like everything is changing all at once. Looking in the mirror can cause a surge of emotions. Maybe it’s a change in face shape due to collagen loss, or discoloration that no longer fades when the summer is over. If you’re in search of a moisturizer that can target multiple major concerns at once, Shiseido’s brand-new Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Advanced Cream is it. Here’s everything to know about the new high-tech formula.

The Benefits

“This is the most technologically advanced moisturizer in the Vital Perfection franchise and targets three key concerns: lifting, firming and brightening,” says Gisela Ballard, vice president of U.S. education for Shiseido Americas Corporation. “In our initial testing of the product, we were super excited to hear that 90 percent of the women who used it felt that their skin was firmer, more lifted and had a brighter complexion in just two weeks. The results are really significant.”

To get into the details of the consumer testing, 110 people participated, and these were the specific findings after two weeks: 90 percent saw firmer, lifted and more even-toned skin; 95 percent saw brighter skin; 93 percent saw less visible dark spots; 91 percent saw tightened facial contours; 90 percent saw improved firmness and sagging; and 84 percent saw less visible deep wrinkles.

Before-and-after image courtesy of Shiseido
Before-and-after image courtesy of Shiseido

Plus, Anne Hathaway is the face of this product and the entire Vital Perfection line, and who doesn’t want skin that looks like hers? Now in her 40s, Hathaway prioritizes skin care and also looks for formulas that won’t irritate her sensitive skin. This moisturizer fits the bill. It’s also refillable.

Courtesy of Shiseido

The Science and Technology

“Our science and technology have evolved over the years,” says Ballard. “Initially, we just looked at the skin cell and what was going on in our cells. Then a number of years ago, we introduced ‘Principles of Neuroscience.’ This is how the skin communicates internally and externally, and how that can play into aging and skin health. Those approaches were much more singular, I would say. We looked at just wrinkles, or just firming, or just brightening.”

With Vital Perfection and this new cream in particular, Shiseido is laser-focused on what it calls the “invisible nutrient network” of our skin. “Think of that as everything your skin needs to be healthy,” Ballard explains. “It’s how your skin how metabolizes liquids and nutrients, as well as how your skin delivers nutrients. It’s how much hyaluronic acid you’re producing—your collagen, your elastin. This cream harnesses the best technology Shiseido labs has to offer.”

The Key Ingredients

SafflowerRED is the one key ingredient that really supports the skin’s invisible nutrient network and has the benefit of enhancing collagen. “It’s a high-quality safflower ingredient that comes from Yamagata, Japan where they’ve been cultivating safflower since the late 1500s. It’s grown responsibly using sustainable farming, and then it’s delivered to our labs and extracted to create this amazing skin-care ingredient that has lifting and firming benefits.” SafflowerRED also has potent antioxidant properties that fight against oxidative stress and signs of inflamm-aging.

“We have some other amazing botanicals in this formula, too,” Ballard adds. “Jujuba fruit helps improve elasticity and that feeling of firmness. We also have a whole host of antioxidants in there that we call VP8, and we’ve coupled that with caffeine to give that re-energized even tone and brightened look.” Ginseng root extract lends a hand in the collagen-stimulating department, too.

Courtesy of Shiseido

The Texture and How to Use It

The texture is rich, but not heavy. It absorbs quickly, but you get a really nice moisturized feeling. It gives the skin a dewy finish that’s not greasy—there’s no stickiness, tackiness or residue on the skin. Like any moisturizer, give it a minute to sink in before applying makeup and/or sunscreen. The brand recommends using it morning and night to see maximum results.

Price/Where to Buy

$140, (Refill; $119)

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