Fired UW La Crosse Chancellor gets his own beer

Joe Gow, the former chancellor of University of Wisconsin at La Crosse who was fired last month after news broke that he made adult videos with his wife, now has a beer paying tribute to his plight.

The beer, called Hot for Chancellor, is being released by Wisconsin’s 608 Brewing Company. Brewers told The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that when news of the scandal broke they quickly had the label designed—it features a mostly nude cartoon figure in academic garb with a “censored” sign over the uncovered crotch area—and put the name on a new beer they were preparing to release. The beer is described as a “fruited sour with cherries, apricots, peaches and vanilla.”

A photo of the "Hot for Chancellor" beer, showing a cartoon of a mostly naked man wearing an open graduation robe

608 Brewing Company’s latest beer is a nod to a recent scandal at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

608 Brewing Company/Facebook

“We like to have fun here,” 608 Brewing Company owner Phil Humphrey told the newspaper.

The incident that inspired the beer was no laughing matter for Universities of Wisconsin officials, who have accused Gow of causing “significant reputational harm” due to his “abhorrent” online activities. The UW system is currently reviewing Gow’s status as a tenured professor at UW La Crosse.

Gow has defended his behavior, arguing that he wasn’t making money from the videos, that his actions were consensual and that he has a First Amendment right to make adult videos. Gow has indicated that he is considering legal options

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