Faux conservative blames Donald Trump support on UFC loss

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Colby Covington said his support of former President Donald Trump is what swayed judges to award Leon Edwards the decision in the pair’s UFC 296 welterweight title fight last weekend.

All three judges in attendance scored the fight the same way — a 49-46 victory in favor of Edwards — along with all 23 media members who scored the fight at home via MMADecisions.com giving the bout to the champ.

“I thought I had the win,” Covington said while appearing on Fox News’ Jesse Watters Primetime. “I thought I did enough, but the judges have never favored me. They hate me because I support Trump. Everybody hates Trump in this building [Ed. note: the former POTUS received a big ovation from the crowd.] It is what it is, life goes on.”

Trump was in attendance for the bout as Covington vowed to have his “biggest role model” present him the title belt instead of UFC CEO Dana White, who also happens to be a friend of 45.

“I think they stack the deck against us because they don’t want we the people to have control of this country again,” Covington told Watters. “And that is what Trump stands for. He stands for democracy. He stands for freedom. So they are going to do everything they can to keep us down. If it is in any sort of judging position in a fight, or any sort of athletic event, they are going to stack the deck against us. It is a sad time in our country. But we need to rise up and we can’t let this keep us down.”

However, Covington, in an ESPN profile, admitted his racially-fueled, right-wing shtick was nothing more than a persona that began in 2017 when the UFC allegedly threatened to cut him for not being exciting enough.

Since winning his interim UFC welterweight belt in June 2018, the 35-year-old has gone 3-3 in fights. All three losses have come in welterweight title fights – two losses to Kamaru Usman and one to Edwards.

“I want a rematch,” Covington said. “I deserve it, you know. I think I broke my foot in the first 30 seconds in the fight kicking on his elbow so I want a rematch with this guy. I’m going to come back stronger. I’m just like the American people, you know, we never give up.”

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