E-commerce Park of Sweden launches new incubator program

E-commerce Park of Sweden, an incubator based in Helsingborg, is launching a parallel program to its existing incubator. With the new program, it will help companies with business models focused on sustainability in their ecommerce efforts.

E-commerce Park of Sweden is an incubator that helps Swedish businesses with their online strategies and ecommerce business funding. According to the company, more than 100 businesses have been part of the program. Several of them were able to increase their turnover to more than 8.9 million euros (100 million Swedish Kronor).

‘Transition to sustainable ecommerce too slow’

“The transition towards a more circular and sustainable ecommerce is too slow. There is a clear need for a strong investment to speed up the transition. With the position we have, we see it as part of our responsibility to act”, says Karsten Deppert, co-founder of E-commerce Park and responsible for the incubator programs.

10 businesses will be accepted

A maximum of 10 businesses with business models based on sustainability can now apply for the new program. It will start in September. It is intended to teach entrepreneurs more about ecommerce. Participants will also get access to a network of other online entrepreneurs. Additionally, it will give them the opportunity to meet investors.

Combination of expertise

“By combining our expertise in ecommerce development with leading knowledge in sustainability, we create a fertile ground for the business models of the future. Our goal is to support companies that want to run and grow companies with responsible and sustainable business models”, adds Karsten Deppert.

‘The program is a catalyst for driving the future of commerce’

“This program is a catalyst for driving the future of commerce. By collaborating with leading experts, we provide our participants with the resources they need to redefine the trading landscape.”

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