Doctor Loses Job After Insensitive Pre Wedding Photoshoot In OT

The District Health Officer (DHO) in Karnataka’s Chitradurga has sought an explanation from the administrator of a government-run hospital after a video of a doctor holding his pre-wedding photoshoot in an Operation Theatre (OT) went viral on social media.

What Happened?

Dr Abhishek, a contract-based physician at the district hospital in the Bharamasagara area in Chitradurga, Karnataka, had organised his pre-wedding photoshoot inside an operation theatre of a government-run hospital.

In the video, Dr. Abhishek can be seen performing a surgery on a patient, while his partner assists him. The theme of the pre-wedding photoshoot was medical procedures, with the end of the video showing the patient sitting up post-operation.

The video also shows several people with cameras and lights present in the OT to shoot the pre-wedding video.

How Did The Authorities React?

After the video went viral on social media, sparking a controversy, the Health Minister of Karnataka, Dinesh Gundu Rao, ordered the dismissal of Dr Abhishek from the service.

A doctor who conducted a pre-wedding shoot in the operation theatre of Bharamasagara Government Hospital in Chitradurga has been dismissed from service. Government hospitals exist for the health care of people and not for personal work. I cannot tolerate such indiscipline from doctors,” he wrote in a post on Twitter.

All contract employees, including doctors and staff performing duties in the health department, should perform their duties as per the government service rules. I have already instructed the concerned doctors and all the staff to be careful so that such abuses do not happen in government hospitals. Everyone should focus on performing the duty knowing that the facilities provided by the government to the government hospitals are for the health care of the common people,” Rao said. 

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Is This The First Such Type Of An Incident In Karnataka?

Other similar incidents have also been reported. Recently, a group of medical students danced to the tune of Sandalwood and Bollywood songs at Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) premises in Karnataka, reels of which went viral on social media. 

Dr Basavaraj Bommanahalli, the director of GIMS, told the Times of India that he came to know about the incident on Friday, February 9. “The group includes 15 house surgeons, who will be graduating in the next 2-3 months. During an inquiry, they said they did it as part of their pre-graduation celebration. We’ve initiated action against them,” the director informed.

Coming back to pre wedding photoshoots, this wasn’t the first time that such shoots had taken a bizarre turn. In another incident, a couple staged an Undertaker-inspired photoshoot, defying gravity and convention with daring poses that left onlookers amazed.

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