Coolblue revenue 2.4 billion euros in 2023

Dutch omnichannel retailer Coolblue has generated a revenue of 2.41 billion euros last year. This was an increase of 2.5 percent compared to a year earlier. Additionally, the company doubled its earnings before interest to 88.3 million euros.

Coolblue has published its annual numbers for 2023. The company is a well-known ecommerce player in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It is an omnichannel retailer, which means that it has brick-and-mortar stores in addition to its online stores. Last year, Coolblue opened four new physical stores; three in Belgium and one in the Netherlands.

188 million euros revenue in Germany

According to the year results, it was able to increase its market share for consumer electronics by 2.3 percent in the Netherlands, 1.6 percent in Belgium and 0.2 percent in Germany. This growth was achieved despite decreased overall market sizes. In Germany specifically, the company’s revenue reached 188 million euros in 2023. This is a growth of 7.7 percent compared to a year earlier.

The company’s EBITDA grew 103% in one year.

The retailer was able to grow its EBITDA with 103 percent, from 43.4 million last year to 88.3 million euros. This was a result of automating and mechanizing operational processes. It also invested in customer satisfaction, which also drove the company’s growth.

8 new stores this year

The company has already announced its plans for this year. “This year we will continue to grow in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We are opening as many as 8 new stores, in which we are making major improvements. In Germany we will double our delivery area and this week we opened a new depot in Frankfurt”, said Pieter Zwart, CEO. “In short: 2023 was better and 2024 will be the all-around best Coolblue year ever.”

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