Bing Search Testing Chat Button That Reads Chat w/GPT-4 & Copilot

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Bing Search has placed the “Chat” button in its top search menu since Bing Chat launched. But now Bing is testing expanding it to read “Chat w/GPT-4” and “Copilot.” We know Microsoft is ultimately rebranding Bing Chat to Copilot, so that is expected but w/GPT-4 is not. Bing is also showing a tab for “My Bing” and a colorful Copilot tab.

Yea, saying “Chat” is not enough, Bing wants you to know it is Chat with GPT-4.

This was spotted by Frank Sandtmann who posted this screenshot on Mastodon:

Bing Chat With Gpt4 Menu

Again, I only see this with the “Chat” wording.

This is the normal menu:

Bing Chat Icon

This is the test:

Bing Chat W Gpt4 Icon

Here is the Copilot test, also from Frank:

Copilot Bing Search Link

Chat w/GPT-4 also spotted by Shameem:

Also, check out how it says “My Bing” and Frank noted:

My Bing

Here is the colorful Copilot also spotted by Frank who posted this on Mastodon:

Colorful Copilot Logo

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