Beyoncé’s Red French Manicure Has a Festive Detail You Probably Missed — See the Photos

If you’re in need of some holiday cheer today, Beyoncé’s got your back. The superstar’s new manicure has the cutest, sneakiest little festive detail that instantly lifted my spirits once I spotted it — and I bet it will do the same for you.

Beyoncé just dropped one of her signature outfit carousel posts on Instagram and while the all-black ensemble of leggings, leather jacket and a hood over her blonde hair was definitely beyond chic, it was the nails that grabbed me right away. For starters, the red French tips perfectly match her red lipstick. At first glance, it looks like a classic French with crimson swapped for the creamy white tip color — subtly festive, but not over the top. Thankfully the musician shared an up-close detail shot of the nails, because when you look closely, you’ll see teeny tiny Santa hats on each of her thumbs! The red portion extends past the tip of her nail and transforms into the tail of his hat, ending with a little white ball shape. Brilliant and absolutely adorable!

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